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Is it possible to cancel an order after this?

For some days ago a posted a request. I needed someone to convert some psd files to a responsive, retina ready website - SEO-friendly and with fast load-time on google.
Yesterday I received the first preview of the frontpage. The thing is, that the site didn’t look like the theme in the psd, it was not retina ready (I had to sent him an article with explanation) and the guy even asked for the font-size.

When the programmer gave me feedback on the request, he PROMISED to do everything I asked for in the description, but… now I have a really bad feeling about this.

Is it somehow possible to cancel an order like this at this very moment? I dont want him to continue. His skills are not as promised. He has got 10 day to deliver but I am afraid he can’t - and the thing is: I have a deadline.

Waiting for reply!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Open the order and click on “Resolution Center”(you will see this on top). There you can request a cancellation and your seller can either accept or decline. If you encounter any issues you can always contact customer support for assistance. Make sure to communicate with your seller and let him/her know why you prefer to cancel. He/she can even issue the cancellation request. Best of luck.

Ethically, its not a correct to cancel the order once it has started. You reserve the right to cancel order if you receive the order and its not according to your instructions. I would say its better to wait for seller to complete the order, and if you don’t like it, ask for refund or leave a bad review.

Agreed with @fawhash

Agreed with fawhash

Hello, you can ask him to send you the recent update and explain your situation to him, after the revision and you are not yet satisfy with the work he his doing, just cancel the order before his too late.