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Is it possible to change picture in completed order?


hey, i’m still pretty new to this and wondering if someone could help me out. I did an illustration for a customer, sent it and marked the order as complete. as she still asked for some changes afterwards, i made the changes and sent the new image through a regular message. now she wants to leave a review on the finished product. but obviously only the “old” image will pop up. do you guys know if there is any way to change the image that will pop up as the finished product in the review on my gig page? appreciate any help :slight_smile: thanks!


While I’m not sure if Fiverr can swap out portfolio work, but I do know that you have to get explicit permission to do anything with the Buyer’s purchased work.

You’d have to contact the Buyer, let them know what you’d like to do and ask them directly if you can contact Fiverr and allow them to swap it out or at the very least remove the old image with the finished product. Be sure to mention both, this way if you can’t get it swapped, you’ll at least have permission to get it removed as an alternative.

If they say yes, screenshot the communication between you two and contact Fiverr Customer Service asking (with the order number and finished product image) if they can do the swap. I’ve never asked this specifically, so they may or may not be able to do it.

Again, you need the Buyer’s permission, otherwise Customer Support is going to tell you they’ll need the Buyer’s permission and it will just take more time. For next time, just remember to update and redeliver the finished product so it shows up instead of the old one. :wink: