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Is it possible to change your Fiverr username?


I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to change our Fiverr username? Do we have to create a new account for that? Also, is it allowed to delete this account and create a new one?

Hope to get some insight on this!


Check this out:

The above is the only way!

Can we create new account with new username and then merge two account to use
New username of new account
But progress of old account


Hi @mahrukh716

No!, you cannot change the Fiverr username but yes it’s possible to create a new account and delete the current one if you want to use the same email address that you have in this account, make sure you change the email now and same for a phone number, And then close the account, Once it done now you can create a new Fiverr profile with the same email and new username of your choice.

Thank you.

Thanks @solboys

I dont think its possible to change username. I suggest you contact CS

@farzeen_shareef You need to read the previous posts before answering.

Hey lovelivepeace, Jahidul here. You can not change your username on Fiverr. But you can delete your account and create an new one to get set a new username based on your demand. Hope it helps you.

no, if you try this Fiverr block your all account

Hi ,
I am new to the Fiverr community. As per my knowledge,it is impossible to change your username.
Just ignore it. Better you try to improve your impressions.

You can contact Fiverr Contact Support.

No you cannot. You’ll just have to delete the current account and re open another.