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Is it possible to contact a buyer after a mutually cancelled order?


Hi there. I requested to cancel an order mutually with a buyer who ordered my gig directly, we had conversation through the order page only. I told him that I requested the cancellation to adjust the delivery date as I was under pressure, but I forgot to tell him to contact me through messages so I may send him a package offer with the new delivery time added. The thing is that after he agreed to cancel the order I couldn’t find a way to contact him again. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance


Try looking at all your cancelled orders to find that one. I understand some people are not able to contact buyers after an order is cancelled. I can do it though the way I described.


I’ve already done that without success. All I see is the list containing cancelled orders (4 orders) but I can’t contact him.


Not sure. Please post the answer when you find it.


There will be a small option of Contact the Buyer ( On the Order Page )


The order is cancelled so there are no “contact buyer” button.


If the customer is not also a seller or he did not sent you any msg, there is no way to contact him.


Yes, you can contact him


Yes he’s not a seller.


How is that ?


Yes, you can


Thanks for your suggestion.


Yes, it should be possible.

Use this link, amending “username” to the buyer’s username:


Yes you can. If before oorder you was ddiscuss wwith bbuyer. Then you can conversation box and you can discuss with buyer. Thanks


yes sure you can easily contact him by clicking his user name and then going to contact me ,
in some cases if you are not able to find this go to all your sale then canceled orders find the one you are looking for an then go to contact me :slight_smile: but also some buyer have make it off to contact by others :slight_smile: