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Is it possible to create gigs of every category?


Hi Everyone,

Few days back I saw an account which has Created gigs on every category. He/She has a gig on “Fun & Lifestyle” , Gig on " Digital Marketing" , Gig on " Writing & Translation" , and few more.

And that account is mainly on “Graphics & Design” Category. Is it Okay to create any category gigs from a single account like that?

Expecting a great response from the experienced members and all.

Thank you.


Sure you can do that.


Absolutely it’s allowed. However, from a marketing and business perspective I’d advise sticking to just one, maybe two, categories. Find your niche.


Do you have abilities in every category? I think it’s better to stick to what you know.


Thank you for your valuable reply. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for you valuable suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:


I just saw this thing on a sellers account, that’s why I just posted to confirm about it.

No one can do the best in every Category.

Thank you so much for you valuable reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am also thinking this kind of multi-section gig. But after reading this thread I drop this idea. Thanks a lot… :slight_smile:

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There’s no problem doing that. If it is a problem why fiverr allow sellers to create gigs on multiple categories? simple enough. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Of course you can but note that you can only create a maximum of 7 gigs. However, it’s important to stick with the skills you have.


It’s not forbidden, but buyers might wonder whether you’re really good at anything if you do that.


Yeah that’s correct.


That’s not true. There’s no way a person can remain redundant and not improve himself or herself by learning new skills. I love learning new skills and improving my abilities. I’m a photoshop expert and video editor/producer. I’m a blogger and it has made me a great writer


One, two, even three categories can be fine. But having gigs in all categories and claiming to be an expert in all of them? How many buyers do you think would find that believable, and how many would look for another seller, a specialist?

Anyway, if you’re certain that you can successfully sell gigs in all categories, I say go for it, and share your success story with us (as soon as there’s a success story to share)! :slight_smile:


no problem, you can do it

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Thank you for your kind reply at my post


Thank you for your suggestion.


Thank you for your valuable suggestion.


yeah possible to make any type of acceptable gig but the best is to create those gigs at which you have better skills to do …so that you face less problems
but i have one query about making gig regarding ’ Architecture> building maps designing, sale and purchasing and all… its works ?


Yes, you can create, but the number of gigs depends on the seller’s level.