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Is it possible to earn a living by fiverr? Or is that a hoax

Ofcourse i’ve heard some stories lf people that earn enough to live by it… but these were mostly commercials etc. by fiverr self. Are the actually fiverr who do earn enough? And how do they do it?


It’s not a hoax.
It’s possible. Many people can… I could, but I need an insurance here :stuck_out_tongue: so I work just part time.

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I absolutely think it’s possible, if you’re really good with customer relations and provide excellent, 5-star service all the time. It takes a lot of dedication and I suggest offering services you’re really expert in, in order to excel.

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I earn a living here. How? I work my ass off.


I’ve been doing it for over a year now and from my experience - it’s not only possible to make a living on Fiverr, but also make a good living doing something you love and having plenty of free time to invest in your further education and invaluable time with loved ones.

It’s important to note however, that considering I’m living in a European Country with an average salary being around $370 in private sector, averaging an income of around $2k on Fiverr could pretty much make you one of the wealthiest individuals in the neighborhood.

Working with a hypothetical assumption of a Fiverr Seller being able to earn, for example $2K, making a living in most of the Balkan region is not only possible, but will put you at a higher Salary range than for example, CEO of a Bank branch.

No jokes, a monthly salary of $1500 in my country’s mainstream private sector is considered astronomical and most individuals with phDs (including prestigious positions such as doctors, lawyers and finance experts) can only dream of attaining it (I’m completely serious).

On the other hand - making $2K when living in Paris, Geneva or Berlin is only enough to barely get you by with rents being in the range of $900 - $2000+, let alone the other living expenses…

So, making a living on Fiverr is absolutely possible, however in order to make a decent living in a developed economy (meaning you make $4K - $7K monthly), in my opinion you need to be really, really damn good.

That’s my two cents derived solely from personal experience.


Sure it is possible. Just like @richardbloch said, it depend on your country. Right know I’m making about 1000-1300$ per month which is more than 2x average salary in my country. If you’re living in western europe or USA/Australia 1k is not much really, but here it’s nice amount.

Also, after gaining few regular customers you can get sure that you won’t end living under the bridge. Buyers like that are really important in my opinion.


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Hello please go through this post, there are many sellers earning in millions here on fiverr.


I work full time work (24X7) from last 1 year and I earn good money here (India). You wouldn’t be surprised that I earn 3 times more than my friend who are in my field.


Those who come here and think that everything is working automatically for them will never make it. That is the only thing that is for sure.


I would not be surprised if a million people worldwide earn their livings only from here.

It takes work and dedication to do it.


It’s a hoax. You would be better off investing your time in an intensive Mc Donalds management course. Sorry, but by asking this question you have flagged yourself as having the kind of mindset which most likely wouldn’t be able to cut it.


In that graphic in the first post are the legs from the same person?
It might not be obvious to the casual observer that this is a site which does the volume of sales it does, to be fair.

Seriously, But a graphic design is undertaken or Let’s say it’s not a fair market anymore on Fiverr. We seller need to provide $50 worth with a discount of $40, Or just say unlimited revision for $5. The one who earns a living from Fiverr is the one who’s gig are featured or lucky seo. otherwise, the sales we get are from the buyer’s who’s looking for Top notch and high-quality designs for a buck of only $5. lol

The conclusion, Be ready to get a lucky seo or featured on Fiverr, otherwise, you keep in mind that Fiverr is your secondary income source.

Allow me to disagree on that.
I understand it’s getting harder for new sellers to improve their business or reach certain levels within Fiverr, but the key to success is how you work, and what kind of work you deliver and not mere luck.
I am in Graphics and Design myself, I know what I’m saying.
In 5 years working here I’ve never been featured, not one of my Gigs, and I’ve used to have 5/6.
Now I work only with 2, and it’s because of personal reasons, and I could have more and easily live from Fiverr’s income.
Don’t be disappointed and say that “luck” is what someone needs, it takes more than that to succeed, and mostly it’s all in your own hands.

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Definitely it is Possible please read my Story below

And it is possible by keeping yourself online all the time except you sleep and for this use FIVERR APP be Online all the time and Respond as quick as you can to your clients


It all depends on your standard of “living” and what country you are from. If you listen to some “Freelancer” pros and cons about whatever website on youtube, there are a bunch, you will understand and know exactly how much you can expect from where ever you want to work online. The most important thing is to look at the type of traffic you want to sell to. That is the key to your growth moving upward, don’t get stuck in a loop.

Thanks you all! It’s good to see that it’s possible to earn a living from selling Fiverr gigs. I already knew the big and famous successtory’s, but it’s empowering to learn that there are more fiverr who have succes!

Yes, I know it takes hard work and I’m doing it! Every order every time! While raising a baby :muscle:.


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Thanks for your empowring story! Good to see it is possible, just by working hard! :grin:That gives me hope!

My gigs are hard to find. Most seller’s have gigs that are not featured or lucky.
Yet I and millions of people earn livings here.

We work hard at this. We spend many more hours a week at this than a regular job.

It’s not a matter of being lucky.