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Is it possible to edit response time

I opened a new account. I forgot to set the response time. now it is showing 0 hours in mobile apps but in web browser it is showing N/A.
how can I edit it. please give proper instructions. thank you


You can’t change it. :blush:

response time is auto system which sets how much you are taking time to reply



Your response time is based on how quickly you respond to buyers the first time they message you.

As an example, if someone sends you a message at noon and you respond at 2:00pm, your response time will be two hours. Any messages sent by them after you respond will not be factored in.

The better your response times, the better your average!

Unfortunately, the only way to “edit” your response time is by simply responding faster.

Hope this helps :blush:



No you can’t edit.
Showing N/A,because your account is new, it will be change after you receive new messages from the buyers.