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Is it possible to extend a gig's deadline?


I currently have a gig that I will not be able to complete on time.

Is it posible to request extra time to complete an order?

Thanks for any help.


No you can’t extend delivery time of current order. But you can just deliver the order and explain your situation to the buyer and ask them to click on ‘request modification’.

Your rating will not drop :slight_smile:


Does requesting modification really extend the gig delivery time?? I haven’t tried it yet that’s why I’m curious… What does it look like and how long will the extension be?

(I just initially thought…for example when you deliver on day 2 out of 3 day estimated delivery time…and the buyer requests a modification… the countdown timer will continue ticking from where it stopped…)


Reply to @ilovenish: Thank you! Great response :slight_smile:


Reply to @theratypist: Yes it works.
I went to the Deliver Order box and just wrote a message explaining that i would need more time. I asked them to please request a mod. BTW, when I hit ‘send’ an alert came up asking me if i wanted to send with no file attached. Just say yes.
Then the buyer requests a modification (hopefully) and you get another 24 hours.

Edit! Note:
<<I was a couple of hours late delivering an order and it didn’t affect my delivery rating.>> Not true! It did affect my rating. One hour late and now I’m no longer 100% on time delivery rate.