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Is it possible to extend the time for a gig with buyers permission? [RESOLVED]

A buyer ordered a gig and but I need more time to complete it.

Is it possible, with the buyers permission, to extend the time?


Sheriff’s Note: The best answer has been provided by bachas85. This thread is now closed. Please do note that if you decide to make an empty delivery even with the client’s knowledge, it is still technically against the Fiverr ToS and could have undesirable consequences if things don’t work out.

Although I don’t personally recommend it, you can agree to ‘mark it as delivered’ and make sure to provide in the message text a formal agreement that you’ll have it completed in X amount of days. The order will close in 3 days, but assuming you don’t need that much time you’ll both be fine. If something falls through you can mutually cancel the order up to 14 days after.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I agree with kjblynx, communicate with buy then mark it as delivered with buyers permission, giving you extra time to deliver

The best way to have a nice relationship with your customers is to be nice, friendly and helpful. If somethings happen in your order time, for instance if you need more time to deliver, you can simply talk to your customer and you can even agree to send him what you have until than. It is very important HOW you talk with your customers. It is good to treat your gig and your customers as areal business so some selling skills would help you in this situation. For example you can say: "Dear Mr/Mrs, thank you for ordering my services, my goal is to deliver you high quality services, here is what I made until now (deliver them as attachment not with order deliver button). I would like to do my best to continue this project and deliver it to you as you expected me to do. I would need some help from your side, I kindly ask you to give me some more time to finish this order, as you are an important customer to me, and I don’t want to deliver you bad quality services. I would need x more days to complete this order (you can try to fhinish the job in the next 3 days because after that the order would be completed automatically). Would you be kind and accept to deliver you what I have now and keep you in touch with the progress I make? Thank you for your understanding, your help and support. Best regards."

I hope this will help you

Best regards,

Jack from jackdesign

Hello @eyeadventures! The Fiverr Help Pages currently have this: Sellers may cancel an order after the order is marked as complete before the revenue clears from the order (up to 13 days).

This message is for promogirl. Do you mean 14 days after the the gig is paid for or 14 days from the date that the unfinished work was reported as done?