Is it possible to fake reviews?


Hi, I was searching some gigs and found some that are very expensive and the service seems to basic or way too overpriced.
For example a girl asking 150 dollars to hold a sign and had a buyer who left 2 reviews, in consecutive days. Then I was checking her other gigs and found that the same buyer also commented on her other expensive gigs.

As you might know, fake reviews can attract potential clients, is this possible on fiverr? doesnt fiver take a cut of each sell? for example, when I pay a 5 dollar gig I get charged 6, fiverr keeps the 1 dollar. Is the same amount for every transaction?

Explain me please, thanks


I think yes, it IS possible but it is heavily watched. Fiverr is really strict on that and getting stricter. However, I’m sure it probably does happen. As for the sign gig, maybe they did hire someone to leave reviews but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will bring clients. Don’t stress about them. The people breaking the rules will get caught. :yellow_heart: :grin:


Yeah but, if they use to accounts, for each purchase, does the seller get the full money or fiverr takes something from it?


My own business always bores me to death; I prefer other people’s, so I love looking at other gigs - well spotted!

Fiverr gets 20% of each $5 from each sale, so $1 each time. I’m sure Fiverr are earnest in their endeavours when it comes to tracking down wrong doers. :slight_smile:


So, hypothetical scene.

A seller creates a $5 gig. I & 10 others buy for $5, leave a stunning review.

The seller increases it to $20. The next 20 buyers, up in reading the stunning review, makes purchase for $20.

The seller increases price again, on and on. Many :crescent_moon: :first_quarter_moon: :first_quarter_moon_with_face: later, the price is $250.00.

I am the lucky gal that got $250 gig for $5 or you’re the unlucky chap that’s paying $250 for a gig really worth $5. Just because something cost more doesn’t mean it’s worth more, it’s an illusion.


Definitely what @offlinehelpers said. I’m sorry I didn’t even answer your question about the charges!


Exactly, like @gina_riley2 said.
What you see is the current price. You don’t know if she had those 2 reviews when she was selling them for $5. She could have updated her prices after those reviews.
I mean… nobody would pay a girl $150 to hold a sign…

Unless that girl is me, of course… :smirk:


Do not try to start a fight here please. I was looking for a person to hold a sign and came across this one. You know, I work outdoors, interact with people in real life :slight_smile:
Same as you, (I guess)


I congratulated you on finding it (the well spotted bit), and then explained how Fiverr’s commission works.

Perhaps you misunderstood my intentions?


I’ve said my price above… why are you still looking for someone? :unamused:

@offlinehelpers is the last person who would start a fight in the whole Fiverr Forums… if you still didn’t learn that…

But guess who would be the first :smiling_imp:


"My own business always bores me to death; I prefer other people’s, so I love looking at other gigs - well spotted!"
Dont throw the stone and hide the hand :slight_smile:
Well, back to the topic.


The short time I’ve been in this forum I always notice how he goes off topic and gets personal with the author.
Is obvious, with his previous comment


I bet you have been watching the wrong movie, my friend…
That description fits exactly to someone else… who I know very good :smiling_imp:


Anyway… back to the $150 you wanted to offer me…


where did I say that? sent you pm


Oh… don’t PM me :neutral_face:
I don’t offer holding signs :grin:

… at least not for less than $150 :wink:


I want to see pictures of yourself before hiring. If you are super model maybe I can consider it.


Haha… you dream my friend :smile:
But you actually made me laugh…


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