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Is it possible to get a job in first day at Fiverr?

please share your valuable experiences. Thanks in advance


Of course, it does depend on how saturated your skillset is but if you offer quality services and customers can see this with your portfolio, it is possible :slight_smile:


that’s great. thank you


It is possible but I think its rarer


I think too as like as you


Well it took me longer than a week to get my profile good and gigs sorted.

However within the first week of being active I received my first gig, payment and 5-star review.

So anything is possible, you just have to expect it. Also be very active and actually respond to buyers requests.

However to see relevant buyer requests your profile has to be set up correctly and make sure you have relevant key words, tags etc.

Best of luck and welcome to fiverr.


Never heard of anybody landing job at first day


It can happen only if you offer good service and if you can rank your service in a day.


Thank you for your motivation

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Is it possible for anybody?

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As previously stated, it depends on your gig, your competition, the current demand, and if you’re promoting yourself with proper targeted marketing. You can only control 2 of those variables.


But how can it possible in a short time?

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That’s a different question than you made in your first post. You asked if it’s possible, not how to do it.

That said:
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@shovan_7790, I see you have one gig in which you offer to create a landing page. I just checked and found there are 14,160 other gigs offering the same service. And 11,207 of them are no level sellers like yourself. A good question to ask yourself is, “What makes my gig stand out from the other 14,160 gigs?”

Take time to look at the gigs of TRS and Level 2 sellers to figure out how they got where they are and how you can make your gigs like theirs. BUT do not copy any of them or you could get a warning from CS. Just look at them for inspiration for how you can improve.


Thanks a lot for your information. It helps me more to prepare me and my gig different from others.

This is not impossible, But it depends on your skill and presentation of your skill.

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Today is my 3rd day. Still figure how many tips to complete my profile & skill :sneezing_face:

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I also new here. maybe it depends on unique service

can you give some tips about presentation of gigs?

Yes why not? Many people are getting order after publishing there gigs. You will get also.

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