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Is it possible to get order?

My Fiverr account created 2 years ago but no order got yet. Now I am trying hard to get job. Is it possible to get order in this fiverr account. What can I do? Please tell me something anybody.


It’s never impossible and as they say “impossible say I’m possible” so you should create gigs that people might buy and they need, try to promote your gigs and share it with others… you will find a lot of helpful and useful tips in this community so check them out.

Good luck :+1:


Thank you so much brother. I am so impressed to your comment.


If you created your account two years ago, and you still haven’t “gotten a job”, then I can assure you that you haven’t been “trying hard”.

What are you doing to market and promote your gig? Are you reaching out to your target customers? Are you blogging about your services? Using social media to connect with those who need your services?

I’ll bet you haven’t done any of those. So, no, you haven’t “been trying hard”.

Start focusing on those things, and you might earn some sales. Sales do not magically appear. You need to work hard to EARN them.


jonbaas I really like your gig images. They look great.

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Thank you. …