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Is it possible to grant limited access to my Fiverr seller account?

Before I ask support, I thought I would drop by the forum. I can’t see any discussion on this topic.

I am considering hiring a virtual assistant to help me with my insane inbox. She happens to be another Fiverr seller. Can I grant her limited access to my account? If this is not currently possible, I would suggest Fiverr offer TRS the ability to delegate access of their Fiverr accounts in order to get some help. More help for me = more money for Fiverr.

I’ve seen teams of people working here but do they grant access to more than one person? I am comfortable with a lot of areas being available to my potential assistant, but not my revenues or analytics. Is this possible? Could be powerful.


HI Tracy its the same thing for what i am looking for , please share if you find some solution for this limited access feature.

It’s a very bad idea. Even if it’s just the inbox you really do not want to trust your account to another person unless you don’t care if it gets banned. No one is going to do it as well as you do. One serious rule violation can mean the end of your account, even if it’s just what someone said in the inbox.