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Is it possible to have a stable job?

Some of us say they work full time, but I wonder how this is really possible. Is a regular customer enough to make a profit for the whole month? I hope long time users answer my questions and give tips. Thank you.


If you type “can fiverr be full time” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you may find interesting.


Honestly, this is not possible, but if you can do the job well, you can earn more money per month than your regular job. I hope you understand. And sorry for my bad English, I’m not a local English speaker.

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It is certainly possible. Many of us work full-time on Fiverr. Others don’t work full-time hours but still earn as much here as they would in a full-time employed role within the same sector.

I have many private clients outside Fiverr, but I am at a juncture where I turn away a lot of Fiverr business as well as external business because the work I do accept here keeps me busy for fifteen hours a day. So, I find I have less and less time for external private client work and tend to focus most of my time here these days–because I really enjoy it.

So, effectively, I have two full-time jobs here, due to the very long days!

Looking at the regulars on the forum, many people here are earning well from Fiverr and they probably work whatever hours they wish–without a doubt, many also turn work away to keep a healthy work-life balance (something I don’t do).

To stay busy here, I think the key is to sell something at which you really excel (rather than coming to Fiverr and then scratching around for ‘something to sell’, which I see many doing) and to charge an appropriate rate for the hours you input–not a low rate.

If you really excel at a skill, buyers will notice that and you will find the sales ramping up quite quickly.

As a guide to how long it takes to turn full-time here, of course, it varies. But I joined two years ago and have only really taken it seriously in the last eighteen months, so it’s taken that long to go full-time here.

EDITED: I see you ask if ‘a regular customer’ can bring you enough revenue. Generally, no, not just from one customer–but you should aim for many customers and just keep them all happy, so that will ensure a good and consistent income.


If You’d One Steam of Income than you’re one step away from Poverty, I don’t recommend you fiverr as full time work

Why do you think so?

2020 teached us that, no job is permanent no matter how good your company is. I’m following this forum from a long time I’ve seen top rated sellers getting ban for even there fault. So, Even if you’re doing good work or following fiverr policy someday maybe you can face there wrath. I got a warning on 1 jan because a client pissed and false reported me, Even though fiverr took back warning but this incident teaches me that fiverr will never be my full time job.