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Is it possible to increase artboard more than 100 in adone illustrator?

Hello Friends,
I need help about the illustrator artboard. Recently I’m working in a catalogue design which is more than 100 pages, approximately 120 pages so it’s a big project and client want the pdf all together and also the AI file for print but I can’t take artboard more than 100 then how I send pdf file of that catalogue all together to the client? and if I use another 20 artboard for the rest of the work then should the client be able to print those 2 file all together? Please Help me guyes!!! :worried: :worried:

They said they would remove this limitation 3 years ago. Not sure if they have done it, been a long time since I worked with Illustrator, but I can’t find anything new on Google about it, only old forum threads… Why not contact Adobe Support and ask? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your suggestion… I’m using Adobe illustration cc 17 version which is latest version I guess but still no improvements I found… anyway I’ll ask the Adobe support.

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For so many pages I’d recommend Adobe InDesign as it is meant for books, catalogues and the such. It has vector graphics support almost the same as Illustrator and can even import/paste artwork from Illustrator, and can export PDF with many pages just fine.

Or, you could split your document into multiple .AI files, like “”, “”, make separate PDFs for those files and then combine the PDFs into one single PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro’s “combine files” feature (or there are free online tools that combine PDFs)

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Just use indesign with linked .ai file - that will easy for future edit. Also file size will light and that will not corrupt. if you do make 120 artboard in illustrator - That will corrupt everytime.

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Thanks for your help… but I never worked in Indesign dear…:disappointed: can I work on that still?:confused: And I have to install that software now right? tell me one thing the book and big catalogue designs or other designs that needs so many pages to work are done with this Indesign right!! That’s why I wonder if illustrator have the limits of 100 pages then how ppl do loads of pages work!!!:sweat: Anyway really thanks for your help:slight_smile:

Yes, you’d have to buy and install InDesign, and there’s also a learning curve since it’s a bit different in terminology and functionality, as it’s meant specifically for book-like designs.

First all adobe software tools are almost same.

2nd . if you don’t have any knowledge about - just make everything in illustrator by single artboard - save file name as page number then Import in Indesign page -
Whenever you do need to edit or revise any page content - Just Double Click on Indesign page - You’ll have That page Open in Adobe illustrator - That will easy for edit and light with very specific. After Just Save that file and Close illustrator. You’ll have AUTO UPDATE page in indesign.

Little unhandy but This is best way for Big project handling.


Cool… best way for me right now… Thanks a looooootttt dear…:smiley:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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Can I save the pdf file from indesign in the same process of AI and also the main file for printing as well? Please I will be greatful if you tell me about that also.:slight_smile:

Yes, Very easily - Just Export pdf to indesign :slight_smile:

No I mean after export all the images of the pages can I directly save pdf file from indesign ?

Yes Dear - I already mentioned previously - Adobe all tools are almost same -
Indesign > File > Export > Save Pdf as you wanted - Web or Print or custom any resolution.

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Thanks…really your tips are very helpful for me… Thanks again :blush:

One more thing - When you will import illustrator file in indesign - That can look pixlate & blur - But don’t worry - Indesign do show low res By Default for Fast preview - If you wanted to see your content sharp as Adobe Illustrator do Show!! - Just Right Click > Display Performance > High Quality Preview. You’ll have Clear and Sharp Preview in your Indesign too.

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:grinning: Reallyy!!.. oh… soooo nice of you really…:heart_eyes: