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Is it possible to jump directly from new seller to Level 2?


I see that you need 30 days on the site and 10 sales to reach Level 1, but for the next promotion it says 50 orders within the last 2 months. Am I correct in deducing that if one completed over 50 orders in their first 30 days, they could be directly promoted to Level 2 status, or would there be another 30 day period before they are upgraded regardless of the amount of sales?


Reply to @kjblynx:

kjblynx is correct. I was in this situation. I had over 50 orders before my first 60 days on fiverr and I had to wait until 60 days to get the promotion.

I think they should change the wording for this requirement because I was thinking the same thing as @adversity. I ended up contacting customer support and they confirmed you need to be active for at least 60 days even if you meet the other requirements.