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Is it possible to leave a message to a seller who is out of the office?

Hi, I had a great experience with a seller a few months ago, and her listing has a notice out of the office until Nov. 9… I would like to contact her, do I need to wait until them or can I leave a message for her for when she returns? Thank you very much! M


You can still message her, but they might not respond quickly.

When you go Out of Office, you can select the reason (holidays or overbooked) and you can also add the option to allow new sellers to contact you.

As you already contacted with her before, you can message her. Just check the reason she is out of the office. If she is out of Fiverr you may get no response though.

I usually use that when my work queue is full, but I still receive messages normally and assign work spots.

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I’d say just wait until November 9th. Sellers put themselves in out of office mode because they are temporarily unable to accept new orders. Your seller could be on holiday or dealing with a family emergency.

While you can message, you will likely be the only person doing so. If your seller is unable to answer (due to them being on holiday or hooked up to an IV) they may return to Fiverr and find that not responding to you has reduced their response rate. If this goes below 90%, they will be demoted to a lower seller level and likely suffer severely diminished workflow.

I was excruciatingly ill a few years ago with salmonella poisoning. I cancelled all my orders in queue and put myself on vacation mode. During that time I had a past buyer beg me to write an article. I said no. - Repeatedly.

Finally, I offered them a 3-day turnaround and $10 quote. Then I got back:


I will never, for as long as I walk this Earth forget that man. If your message can’t be answered by your seller and has a negative impact on their business, she might end up feeling the same about you. Just be respectful and wait.


Does your response rate drop if you are OOO and don’t accept messages, but still get them?

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I haven’t tested it but I have heard it mentioned. Also, I have seen some sellers on OOO leave messages saying “I’m not available for orders but please feel free to message me.” If this seller has not left such a message, I’d be inclined to just let them enjoy their vacation.

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I see. Would be nice that, if you go on vacation, some kind of autoresponse should be placed stating the OOO due to holidays, and the return date. Now I realize that I don’t have holidays and I don’t need that feature… :weary:

I say wait, so you don’t annoy her. If my own gig isn’t available, it’s for a reason. That being said, I had someone offer me $80 for a $10 article one time, and I did do it. Unless you’re offering that, just wait.

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Just leave a message. And as you are saying after 9th November she will be free. So you can contact her again.

Thanks everyone, I don’t see anyway to be able to message her, so I will wait, and I wouldn’t want to annoy her anyway, thank you all! M

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