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Is it possible to make money with 5 dollars gigs

Is it possible to make money with 5 Dollars gigs - 4 dollars for as.if we sell 500 gigs a month that means 2000 dollars which is well below average salary in UK and 500 gigs a month is a lot.
Tell me what you think.

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Anything’s possible! :slightly_smiling_face:


I think you answered yourself already :wink:


From what I said as a basis it’s true it’s not possible to make money for me but as u say could be … Although delivering quality service for 4 dollars is …

Are you with me I don’t want to trick customer like almost every one on fiverr that 5 Dollars gigs would blast them up xaxa TO GET RICH U HAVE BE A B…

I have no idea what this means.

If you were to make $2000, that works out at about £1500 per month, which as a ‘side hustle’ would be pretty good going.

Proof needed please because it’s simply not true.

You are forgetting several reasons behind the 5 dollars sellers:

  1. What is below the average salary in UK may be an interesting salary in other countries, and Fiverr is international (though not so pronounced as we may think)
  2. Some sellers want to make a reputation here and start with zero reviews, so they lower their prices a lot to get in the game.
  3. Not al sellers offers a $5 dollar gig (like me) and if a seller offer a $5 gig, not all offer the same amount of work (for example, in translation, some can do 100 words, other 300…)

And other reasons, but I think you get the idea by now. And, besides that, I think buyers can judge what is worth the money, and can choose the best service for their needs… but usually some people want the moon on a stick for $5, hence who are the ones encouraging the low quality gigs? :wink:

Demand and offer… market rules. I hope some day people will realize the importance of quality and it’s direct relationship with price.

Just FYI, an interesting read: