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Is it possible to makes two Fiverr accounts on the same computer?

Is it possible to makes two Fiverr accounts on the same computer?


You are only allowed to have one Fiverr account.


If we use the same router but a different computer then?


What do you mean by we. Can you explain exactly what you mean and who wants to create the accounts.


I and my brother have one computer, if Fiverr doesn’t allow us to use the same computer, then if my brother buys a computer and create a Fiverr account with the same router. Which was I already using it, then we have any problems?

Check this out: Same ip (family 2 member want to create fiverr account in similar sector) is it possible?

Even if it is not in a similar sector the answers still apply.


If you and your Brother will do the same services, maybe you should let Fiverr support know your situation first.

No, You cant do it. If you do it your accounts will be banned.

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Users can use multiple Fiverr ids from the same device if Fiverr Staff gives them permission. Fiverr CS allows multiple ids on special circumstances. Note all id needs separate withdraw method & can’t purchase gig from each other.

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No you shouldn’t do it because your account may be the ban. so you must have in this market.

Hello, mominxd

There is no problem:) Once the router is done and the computer is done, you can work easily. On two accounts.


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I’m sorry I made a mistake. I should have mentioned the matter.
Thank you :slight_smile:

You can have one account per person. Computers, ips, etc. are irrelevant. It’s one account per person.