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Is it possible to open another Fiverr account?

Hello everyone!
I opened this account in 2018, but then I don’t work on it. Recently started work again. Trying too hard to improve everything. But not getting expected result. Discuss this matter with several people, some are suggesting to open a new account and work on it! Is it actually possible? Isn’t against Fiverr T&C?

Experience one please share your opinion. Thanks


yes, possible. Try to create another fiverr account from different information.

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You should spend more time with Fiverr and send buyer requests carefully as per the buyer’s requirements. Also, spend time reading different topics in this forum. Hopefully, you will get an order soon. Patience is the main key to success.

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Is it real problem in that time not work oct 2018 to june 2020? Is that damaged my profile, thats why i’m not getting orders?