Is it possible to rate a cancelled gig?


Hello all,
I am a regular buyer here on fiverr, and recently had bought a writing gig which the writer agreed to. Right before it was due (7 days), the writer requested an extension which I granted (another 7 days), and I kept on asking them whether they were okay or if they needed any help or clarification. They responded a couple of times saying it was all okay.

Finally, right before the gig was due, they cancelled, and simply said they were sorry. This set me back on my deadline significantly, and I realised that I cannot publicly rate this person. Is there something I am missing?

I feel like I should be able to rate them so as to warn other people.


Hello there,

I get where you´re coming from but cancelling (=refund) plus public rating isn´t possible, there are too many ways that would be abused.

However, you should have gotten the possibility to privately (for Fiverr’s eyes) rate the seller; also, cancellations, no matter for what reason (even it´s the buyer’s “fault”, say a buyer accidentally ordered the same thing twice, which quite often happens) are counted against a sellers rating, and if they are under a certain threshold, they will be leveled down, even back to “New Seller”, so they are “penalized” within the system.

If a seller behaves in a way you think violates the Terms of Service, you can also always contact Customer Support with your concerns.

Maybe try do do some more “vetting” next time before you order, you can find quite a few posts about that here, but, of course, maybe you did and just got unlucky with this seller, maybe they had an emergency or whatever. I hope you´ll be luckier next time!


No its not possible to rate gig after cancellation


Thanks for the detailed response. I usually make sure the seller is well rated prior to engaging, and this particular seller had 150 + positive reviews. My main annoyance was with them cancelling it right before it was due despite the extended time frame. I did use the private rating.
I do see why cancelling and rating is not possible.