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Is it possible to reach First level seller with each $5 order only?


I am curious about getting to the first level seller. I have all my gis with $5. So, is it possible for me to achieve first level seller with $5 orders each? I just have first 4 orders only.

Please share your knowledge so, I can achieve it in a minimum time.


Check this out:

Yes it is possible and you can take as long as you want. It is all explained in the above.


You still have 6 more orders to go and Earn at least $400.


Thanks again @lloydsolutions. The article was really informative. I remember you helped me earlier also. Such a helping person.


How did you get to manage 1 level seller even after having 11 orders with $5. please reply if you can.


Before the new level arrangements came in those who already had a level were allowed to keep it even if they had not met the new monetary requirements.

Also you cannot assume that everyone leaves a review which due to the nature of the gigs I provide many buyers do not leave a review.


Yes, it’s possible, just do the math. You need enough completed orders to earn a total of $400. If Fiverr allowed $1 orders, you could achieve that with 400 orders. All you have to do is complete the $400 goal alongside the other level requirements. (i.e. You clearly need more than 10 five dollar orders to make $400, so you will automatically fulfill the 10 order minimum along the way.)


Thanks for the answer @lloydsolutions


Yes, it is possible. This is how most of us have made it in the old days. Just be patient, deliver a good job and over-deliver and you will make it.


I got all my 4 orders from same buyer expect one. But,i am not getting nay new order. What if this guy stop orderingme?


Hi. Don’t expect your buyer will order every day, sometimes they are busy or it can happen to find someone else. I had a buyer who was ordering from me and another few people in the same time (for the same request). I had buyers contacting me for an order and they actually came back after 2 weeks-1 month… It happens. As well, I had a few months without orders and now I have at least 1 order per day (yesterday I had 4). This place is for everyone, just relax, it is hard at the beginning but in time if you will continue doing a good job people will contact you often. Good luck!


Reach your potential buyers by creating your presence on different writing platform and social media, send buyer requests it will help you in getting orders.


You really solved my problem. Thanks for your words @splufita
Just one more question - Did you do anything in those months you didn’t have any orders ?