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Is it possible to recover deleted gig?


Unfortunately My Gig has been deleted, is there any way to recover it?


you have to create new as per all fiverr guideline


Did you delete it or did Fiverr? If you deleted it by accident you may be able to use a google cache of it (or the wayback machine/webarchive if it’s on there) to recover text from it. If Fiverr deleted it you’d need to know why and may get in trouble for reinstating it if there was a specific reason for the deletion.


I’ve deleted it accidentally, Please Suggest a way clearly or share a link


Type your Fiverr profile URL into the Google search box and press the search button.
Look at the results given (which should include various gig URLs). If the deleted gig is shown as one of the results, click the triangle at the end of the URL and click “cached”. From the cached page, copy the details you require and use those when creating a new version of the gig.

You could also try in case it is there, but I’m assuming it isn’t.