Is it possible to reduce impressions, clicks and views?


My impressions, clicks and views are decreasing for a particular gig day by day. Is it possible? I can’t understand. I need to know your experience.


Is this possible? Please tell me? :slight_smile:


Yes this is normal that they go up and down this way.

A person can go crazy if they watch those constantly. They seem to go down a lot. I assure you it is normal.


Thank you so much!! :smiley:


Yes, this is normal.

You can edit the description of the gig to make them up again.


But the number of completed orders shown is also incorrect :expressionless:


Hehe, your topic tittle is kind of clickbait. :stuck_out_tongue: I expected much different disscusion here, something in way that you have too much visits of your gig so you would like less views. Well I was wrong. :smiley:


You are bot alone…