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Is it possible to refund a gig extra?

I have received an order and the buyer has bought an extra for 15 search term keywords for Amazon.
I would like to refund him this extra.

He didn’t ask me for the refund because I haven’t already delivered the order. I want to refund him because it’s the first time I am not able to find as much keywords as promised. Even if I write 15 keywords in the description I always deliver between 20 or 25. I am really frustrated and don’t want to make this client unsatisfied.

Can I refund this extra to the buyer ? What should I do ?

You need to come up with 15 keywords somehow. Use your mind. Think!

I’m sure you can come up with 15 somehow. No do not refund anything, deliver something to complete the order as shown.

That’s what I have already done ! I have 10 accurate good french keywords and 5 that are just here to complete the task. I am not satisfied by this part of my job. I would really prefer to give him 10 for free than to be paid for these 15 keywords (with 5 bad keywords !).

This order was quite easy. I wouldn’t loose money if I refund the extra.

No do not refund him at all. Just provide what you offered.

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My promise is to offer 15 accurate keywords but I have only 10 good keywords and 5 bad keywords :frowning:

Some people dying not to refund and some people have got a good hammer to hit their feets as @misscrystal said use your mind so better use it in this scenario… There isn’t any way to refund only the extras the only way is cancellation and it will hurt your profile

So decision is your’s

I don’t want to cancel this order because I know that I did a great job for this client except for this extra.
I will try again tomorrow. After a good night I will perhaps be more effective and productive.

After reading this thread, your options are clear.

1 - Provide your client with the promised order.
2 - Cancel the order.

You say you’ve got 15 words but 5 are bad. How much time do you have left to deliver? If you wait on it, then I’m sure you’ll come up with some better words. And even if you end up with 5 (max) bad words, you’ve still delivered the product to them and I’m sure they’ll be grateful.

I highly recommend that you do not cancel the entire order because of this. It will only hurt your sales. I doubt that the buyer will be upset if some of the words are not perfect. Even if you do end up delivering his extra with 5 unsatisfactory words, that’s better than cancellation - always.

I have 2 days left to finish this job. I have to find 2,5 good keywords/day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I will try again.

I thought it was possible to refund a part of the order. But if it’s not possible I must find another solution and boost my brain !

Thanks !


Good luck and take coffee it may help in boosting up :slight_smile:

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No problem. I’d say that as long as you have 12 or more good key words then you’ll be fine.

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I never drink coffee. I prefer chocolate. Perhaps I should change !

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Soon you will start taking it when your queue get loaded of orders :grinning:

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Also, I really like the services you are offering and the gigs setup well done. And keep up the good work.

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Thanks :blush:
I try to do my best.

I really wish there was a way to do a partial refund to cover situations like this. Sometimes my clients will order the wrong extra, or an extra they don’t need etc and it would be SO handy to refund just that extra. The only option is to cancel the entire order and send them a new custom offer without the extra, or offer them something different to the same value if you are not able to complete the extra, good luck with coming up with the extra words! :smiley: