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Is it possible to refund half of the money back to the buyer?

Hey Guys! Hope you are doing Great!

I have worked for this Amazing client who wants me to refund half of the money because we are not on the same page, as she thinks my Illustration style is not suiting her story, the story had 24 Illustrations and I tried it twice making 48 Illustrations in two different styles and I am still willing to do it one more time but she does not want me to, she wants me to refund half of the payment to her back, so can you kindly guide me on how to do that?

I just pray it is not against Fiverr’'s Terms- Please help me! Thank you!


There’s no direct way to give a partial refund.

I think the recommended way to do it is to create a new custom offer for a new order (eg. half the price of the current one if you want to refund half) and then cancel the current order when that new order is made. Though it will affect your completion rate.

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Hi! uk1000! Thank you!
Yes That will affect the conversion which I am worried about!

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So - and pardon me for not understanding it - why would anyone order 24 illustrations and then just decide they don’t like it. Did they know your style beforehand?
I feel that they might be either scamming you (to get back some of their money but still use your illustrations) or they haven’t even checked your samples (or of course, without seeing what you have done for them, what you provided did not match up 100%. It’s hard to say without seeing both sides.)
I’d try to see where they come from (you’ve already done your job twice) and possibly contact support if it gets bad. Would definitely worry about them using your work AND getting some of their money back. (But it could be anything of course.)


Yes, I agree; few legitimate buyers would immediately start off with a long-term project.

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I do not mean to be intrusive here, but why did you keep your old images, I presumed you use them when you started working on Fiverr, but now you have some original work, why do you keep images from freepik and alamy in your portfolio?

You could have your gigs taken down if the new system that is announced here detects your images are not original.

Are your client aware you are using mashup of Freepik images in your delivery?

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I wouldn’t call any client who wants a refund of half an order payment and received double the amount of work as originally agreed upon as “amazing.”


You sound like an amazing person.

The best way to pull this off would be to contact the customer support. They can cancel the order for you as well as guide the buyer regarding partial refund.

Regardless of whatever happens, don’t let this ONE setback get you.

Keep up the great work.



Your buyer chose you for their job - they must therefore have liked your style.

Your client gets you to do double the original amount of work that they paid for.

Then after getting you to do twice as much work - they want half their money back?

And you call them “amazing”? Totally ridiculous.

The buyer has to accept some responsibility here. They should have carried out due diligence to make sure you were the right seller to work with. They should have ordered two or three sample images to start with - not 24, which then turned into 48.

Your buyer is not “amazing” - they are awful. Why are you letting them walk all over you?