Is it possible to refund money to the buyer account , even after the gig is marked as completed?


I am a android developer .I completed the work for buyer according to the buyer requirement . i published the client app in my account successfully. Then order is marked as completed . That means payment section is completed. me and my buyer review completed. i am new in fiverr . My account balance is pending Clarence . After sometimes i see client app contain violation which is terminate my account . Google play support team message send me , if you didn’t remove apps they will terminate your account. As a result i remove the app. I have no fault .That time , my buyer said to me refund him.

At this moment how can i do this, please suggest me.


Ask customer support to do it. Make sure you tell them why like you told us here.


Thank you for your kind information.


If you can convince your buyer , you do not need refund. But its not must be refund because review is better than money.


You can convince him for discounts, upgrades or any other type of additional benefit.


Are you sure it is really from the Google play support team and not from your client?


sure , When Google play support team conversation with me that time i saw , they already known to my account related any information for example draft app, unpublished app , published app, rejected and suspended app .


Finally , I used your theory . Thank you so much.