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Is it possible to Reset a gig?

Hi guys… I have a wierd question. Is it possible to reset your gig, to take it back as it first was?

When I made my account I got 3 orders for my gig and then i started editing the gig and I didnt get any orders for more than a month. And now in the stats i can see the exact date (when i did the editing, change of tags) all my impression went down, so i destroyed my rank whitout even knowing… is there any solution to this? Any help is appreciated…


I guess NO !
There is no option to reset your gig to previous version, but if you think you are not getting enough order in new version you can probably try editing again with new tags and it should be good !


its best if you create a new gig with the keyword you used before that might help…

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Yes i did that but it is not working. My stats are so low…

But i have 3 exelent reviews on this gig. I dont want to lose them…

it will stay low for some times be patience it will go up again :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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i’m not saying you should delete your current gig just make a new one or just fix the tags i guess

You need to wait few days, like week or two!

Yes keep the gig with reviews and just edit existing one…

I usually edit my gigs when it start going down and I see result in week…but it always start going up after few more days…

There’s no way on Fiverr to put a gig back how it was a long time ago like has been said. Though I suppose you could keep a document or it in some format on your computer before you change it so you have some backup of how it was previously.

If your gig is on the web archive ( you could see what things were at different dates/times. But it might not be there or might not have stored all versions. Google cache might have one store of a gig but it might not be from long ago.

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Here are my stats :frowning:

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Unfortunately it’s not archived there… but thanks for the tip…

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I do not create GIG in Fiverr environment. I have folder for each service and within I have my GIG images and description in word file and My order folders. This way if Fiverr deletes all my work or web page is reset I lose nothing, I just copy paste from word.


I think its not because you edited, I can see several edits on you gig and that did’nt make any changes…
Try using totally new tags and description may be…

I saw one of your gig, for commenting on social media…I am not so sure but this gig may be against fiverr TOS because you mentioned reviews too…( that can be considered as fake reviews ) !

May be @uk1000 can point you out this !

It was probably the ‘brand-new-seller’ boost. There’re reports that for the first approximate week of a new profile, your gigs are boosted. So the ‘problem’ isn’t an edit, it’s just that the temporary buff ran out.

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Yes, i was thinking it may be that. After 3 day when I created my profile I got my first sale, than after a week, and after another week. No more since than…

You may want to reconsider offering a review gig, it’s at risk of being flagged/removed.

Please see (IMG) point 2: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide


The community rules 2020 (which seems also about the normal site) say “Do not post, offer or ask for paid reviews, positive or negative feedback on any product, service or performance.”.

The OP’s gig says “I will write a comment/short review/opinion on your social media platform/website/blog” so maybe I’d at least take the “short review” bit out.


I am not offering a review gig. I never have and I never will. Who said I am offering that kind of gig?
I have never received any warnings about my gigs. I am doing everything by the rules.

I realize this is more of a ‘beta tester’ gig, but ‘review’ is a word that sometimes triggers the Fiverr system. A better word might be ‘honest report’.


It also says “I will write (post it on the play-store) a positive 5 star review(s) about my UX with it.”.
So if you’re writing a review that will be 5 star that seems like it will be a biased one.