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Is it possible to skip Level 1?

I am a relatively new seller. I am at 24 days, with 48 sales, a 4% cancellation rate and 20+ positive reviews, 100% positive rating.

When I get to 30 days, is it possible that I will be able to skip Level 1 and proceed to Level 2 almost immediately, assuming that I have 50 sales by then and other stats remain the same? Or will I have to wait another month?


I believe it will still take 60 days for level 2. It did for me almost 2 years ago. I did almost 100 gigs in my first 60 days. Sounds like things are working well for you. Just focus on the money and you will be just fine.

Thank you. I agree–don’t mean to sound like I’m getting ahead of myself, because I am aware that things are going well, not looking too far ahead–just curious.

Take care.