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Is it possible to start as a new seller?

Any tips ? Is it late for me to join ? I am here for weeks now and no orders at all

Any tips on improbing my gigs? Thanks in advance.


I think you meant retouch, not “retuch” in your gig title? That might be one reason.

You could try to create a few more gigs targeting less saturated niches, that could help get you some sales.

And yes, it’s still possible to start as a new seller. I’ve started less than 5 months ago and am making quite a few sales every week, so I think that should be possible for you too.


Share your gigs on social media to increase impressions. Embed gig in your blog if you have any. Continuously work on your gig content if it’s not getting more impressions or clicks. Thanks


active all time and send buyer request daily!!!

I would suggest you to share your Gigs on Social Media Platforms. And On different Forums and start promoting it. Send Buyer Requests on Regular basis. You will get results.

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When I click on buyer requests its always empty

yup you right me too, as a new seller i do not see any request in buyer request

Oh i have those question too

It never too late to start anything in life you have to be more consistent and Serious with whatever you want to do, be positive at all time

My little Tip

to get more orders on your Gig, you should go high on pages, you need to be more active online

Create an eye catching gig base on your Niche and what you can offer

then Create a good eye catching GIG IMAGE

after that promote your Gig on Social Platforms

and lastly visit the BUYER REQUEST SECTION and keep sending Job Proposals

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Correct. You won’t see anything unless you had already some jobs completed.

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Every Expert was once a Beginner!

Hay, why are you thinking like that? come on we all started late. I think there’s no one who joined Fiverr after Fiverr’s start up. Lol

It’s never late, and don’t worry about no orders. You are talking about weeks, here you’ll find sellers waiting for months just for their first order. I got my first order after about 14 months on fiverr. (Remember, I’m not telling you all this to demotivate you and you just give up)

And please now don’t think that you’ll also get an order after some months. Because it’s not the time duration that brings you sales, it’s on your struggle. Try sending 10/10 buyer requests every day, try improving your gigs, try reaching customers via social media. You may get an order right in the next hour AND you may also not get a single order for YEARS!

So try working for it! Keep improving!

Thank You

Keep checking every hour. Buyer requests are distributed worldwide and there are different time for different regions. Don’t know when in your region will its time will.

In start, you’ve to check it often. Once you notice the time. Keep checking buyer request section that time every day.

And it don’t have any relation with completed jobs. It’s all about timing.

I’m talking out of my experience. With the level 1 badge I see about 50 new offers daily. Without the badge (but with about 100 completed jobs) it’s not more than 5 a day.

Buyers Request are shown on the basis of your gigs category. If your gigs belongs to only 1 category then It might be possible you will not shown more buyer requests. If your gigs are with multiple categories then keep visiting it. It will starts showing buyer requests. Thanks