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Is it possible to take a 2-3 month break from Fiverr


…without losing your business here? Has anyone taken a really long break and got their business back to how it was before after coming back? I want to take a really long break and go on an all-India trip, visit every part of the country…but I don’t think I can, unless I’m willing to lose my business here.


A lot can happen in 2-3 months. Since you are a top rated seller you know that better than a new seller like me.


I think you should get in touch with Customer Support first. Tell them what you’re aiming for. Maybe there’s a possibility for them to deactivate your gigs for more than only one month (standard vacation maximum). I used this mode once and got disappointed afterwards. It was in my second month as seller on Fiverr (now it’s the fifth). Over two weeks I had to struggle to find new clients. But retrospectively I think I might should have updated my gigs, upload a new gig video or else, to make the gigs attractive for Fiverr’s algorithms.

All in all, I’d definitely go for a try. You will be way happier if you do it than if you keep working till you bleed out.


I took a one day break and never totally recovered.

I too would love to take a long vacation away from the computer.


I took a break for a couple of years. No problem.


That sounds like a dream, a lifetime journey and too good to not risk it.
I can´t help with advice from experience, alas, but am curious to see the replies too.
Hope it will work out fiverrwise, if you do it!..And…if you´ll have too much time inbetween orders until your business will be up to pre-break speed, use that time to write a book about your trip?


Oh. Great! That´s what we all wanted to read! lol


Thanks everyone for your replies. I think I will work here for a few more months and then go on my trip, come back and reestablish my business. Obviously, I will have to take a break at some point, I can’t keep working continuously for years like this. I will inform my regular clients before I leave and plan every detail, so that I can get it up again after coming back.


I took 2 months off last year and this year about 3 months. Each time it was over summer. I lost a couple of my regular buyers but since I returned I have a few new ones. It is balanced.


I am actively looking to do this but for a much shorter time period. I have just got a seasonal part-time job (typical 9-5) and I really cannot balance Fiverr work and my job. So, unfortunately, I will have to leave Fiverr to do my job. However, it is seasonal so I might not have it after Christmas.

I actually feel slightly sad that I have to leave, I am not really sure why to be honest! But if I do come back, I want to make sure that I can carry on again without another long dry-up period (I just went through one and I am back!)


I left my gigs in vacation mood once due to my exams (about 20 days), its been 3 months already and still I didn’t able to recover the loss.


When I came back I created new gigs. This is probably worth mentioning.


Just edit Delivery Time 120 days. No need to on vacation mode. :smiley:


I was on vacation mode once for one month and oh boy…

After I came back, it was hard work to get back on track but on the other side, you need sometimes a break. Maybe you can hire someone to do your work for this time. It’s not profitable for you too but better than loosing customers I guess.

All the best.


I think it’s better to pause all of your gigs instead of putting the account in vacation mode.


For the first time in two years last month I took 06 days break due to my illness. My sells drop almost 50%, and still, I could not recover it :frowning: I do not know what will be the solution. We are a human being, not a robot. There should be a solution.


Bro I Guess You Should Keep In Touch With Customer Support. Cause I Don’t Think That You Can Take That Long Leave.

I Am Sure Customer Support Will Help You.


really, That’s great !


I took three months, and it took me two to three to get to where I was when I left. Be proactive, and let your repeat buyers know when you are leaving and coming back. Then you may have some things to come back to.


Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the feedback :slight_smile: