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Is it possible to use two person same broadband

Hi. i am new here. i have a confusion. in my account i use broadband network. my elder brother want to work in fiverr also. we have two pc. is it possible to use two different account on different device using same broadband network?
thanks in advance


i remember that possible but you and your brother need to use different wifi router,

That doesn’t matter, if it’s the same internet connection from the ISP (a single contract) the IP will be the same, if he and his brother do different services then they can do it, otherwise they should contact Fiverr support.

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it is better to contact with customer support, but few days ago i asked this same question to a level two seller, he tell me this so i shared this experience in this place

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yes i did. they replied. it is possible but needs to maintain 3 main rules.

  1. cannot use same category of services
  2. cannot order each other
  3. cannot share same payment account.
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