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Is it possible to view your gig in search results?

Is it possible, in your dashboard ,to see your gig as it will appear in the search results?


I just typed in “hair care” and 16 gigs popped up, none of which was yours.

Hair loss results in 14 gigs, again yours is not showing.

If you want to check, first log out – then clear your browser – then use one of your search/key words. Note, if you don’t clear your browser, by default your gig will falsely show up first, since that’s the last thing you looked at.

Edit, suggest moving this to conversation, since technically, you’re asking a question and not introducing yourself.


You could easily click on your gig to see what it looks like. Other than the green edit buttons, what you see on your gig page is pretty much what other people see as well.

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Same question here :roll_eyes:!

Good point. Done. :wink:

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