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Is it profitable to keep editing your gigs!?

Hello fiverr community! How are you? I’m good, but I am wondering about one thing about my gigs…
Namely is it useful to constantly edit your gigs?
I’ve been making a lot of changes to my gigs lately and I don’t know if that helps in any way with Fiverr positioning.
Or maybe it makes it more difficult?
Please write what you think about it!
I have recently been selling on fiverr and this information is extremely helpful.
thanks in advance ! :heart:

Currently I am creating discord servers and removing backgrounds as well as editing photos in photoshop.
I do it very professionally and I have a lot of experience in what I do!
if you are interested in my activities please check my gigs.

I’m sure you will find something for yourself!


Nope! No. No. No.

Every time you edit your gig, it temporarily affects your gig ranking, so don’t edit it unless you really need to!


@krheate thank you for the answer it is really helpful for me as for some time I have been editing my gigs a lot and I wasn’t sure if this was a good approach.

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Hi, krheate. Yes possible to edit your gigs. Yes, edit to order delivery before time.


Once or twice a year I will edit my Gigs.

Typically, I will DELETE Gigs that are not performing.

I’ll change Gig photos, the descriptions, etc.

Sometimes I’ll replace the Gigs I delete with new ones or not at all.

I think that in order to keep up with the growing amount of competition on Fiverr, it is foolish to believe that you can “set and forget” your Gigs once created.

As Fiverr evolves, so should your profile and Gigs.


What if the gig gets impressions and clicks but I don’t receive orders? is it worth editing then?
and if I don’t remove / deactivate a gig that didn’t catch, will it affect other gigs?

It doesn’t matter to me at all.

I deleted my “best selling” Gig earlier this year and replaced it with two others to change the direction of the work I was getting.

What you need to know here is that I have been a full-time freelancer since 2016.

I use Fiverr as one of many sources of income.

Fiverr brings me about 30% of my monthly income.

I don’t care about impressions, clicks or any of that bunk.

I use Fiverr in a very different way as I am an established freelancer.

I hope this helps.


I’m just starting my work with freelancing.
and it seems important to me to advertise your business well on such a large website as fiverr, so I will pay attention to the smallest details such as impressions and clicks.
Thank you for the really useful advice!

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You can edit your gig to any taste and before you edit your gig make sure you have target an additional keywords you want to add to your gig just to boost your gig rank in the search engine.

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I attach great importance to SEO …
one of my gigs is on the first page of searches, but with the next two I have no idea what to do.
they do make some impresions, but I don’t know how I could position them better.
Will he be able to get to the front page of a new gig if many people offer similar services?

Then why are you here selling services?

Then you go on to “worry” about your positioning on the site and orders. So, which is it? Are you here to make money and get orders or are you here for shiggles?

I am sure you could create a blog or YouTube video talking about how amazing you are at the 2 things you mentioned - and plenty of people wanting free stuff - since money doesn’t seem to matter to you - would be glad to put you to work for free.

I think you are asking for scammers and trouble with your intro there to your Gig.


This makes no sense in the context of what is being asked and what her reply was.



you are wrong…
earnings are important, but at the beginning, I prefer to make sure that the client gets to know me and gain confidence in me because I am new …

Then you need to rewrite your Gig intro there.

Also, need to

I can read the above. And, it sounds to me like you are not concerned with earning anything. If I were a buyer, I would think you aren’t concerned about money - and this is what attracts scammers.

But, go ahead, keep that in your profile, I am sure it will work out great when you are either revising your orders 100 times or getting people who cancel because it wasn’t up to their standards. It shouldn’t bother you anyways - you aren’t here for profit according to your blip there in your Gig. Oh, and lookie there - I was right - you give “unlimited revisions” all for $5. Wow, you are in for a heap of hurt.

Which means I am right.


A buyer is not your long-term employer or someone you are dating, so them getting to know you deeper or gain confidence in you are not very relevant to completing an order.

The best ways for a potential buyer to know about and have confidence in a new seller? A great gig page with great, relevant samples and solid communication.


here I will admit you are right I will correct it in a moment … thank you for the explanation.
however, my point was that I care about the relationship with the client more than about the income.
I worded it wrong, sorry

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thank you for the useful tips!

Hi, I am interested to know what is the process you follow to use Fiverr as one of many sources.

Well, I have been at this for a while.

I have a web content business and most of my work comes from my website.