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Is it real $5 for high quality service?

I am concerned about the level of price offered by many buyers in the Buyer Request Section. Of even greater concern is the willingness of many sellers to sell their services for that $5. I understand that many of us are literally surviving in difficult times right now, and for that reason I cannot blame them. But don’t the customers themselves understand that for $5 they will get exactly $5 worth of quality.

I come from a poor country, but even here local people understand that for $5 they won’t buy anything of good quality.


It depends on a service. I offer stingers from template at 5$ if they order overlays. I put logo in template and click export, nothing “designery” there to do.

Also line art black white sketch is 5$…

But website for 5…


I have been the chosen seller through BR even though I made an offer for more than the buyer’s budget.


Personally I’ve ordered $5 services and I’ve gotten some pretty decent work done, like @marinapomorac said it would depend on the service.


Your question is sadly rhetorical, everybody knows it isn’t. But some people are desperate for their first review or believe they won’t make it if they start with higher prices so they will actually bid on those requests.

Now, if you need quick voice-over work for two sentences, 5$ can be fair, but a good 5$ website isn’t simply feasible. But people asking for complex services with a 5-10$ budget are either scammers/delusional manipulators (preying on inexperienced sellers) or children (I’ve seen a few and some have bugged me… ahhh, Roblox kids :roll_eyes:).


Sounds to me that you answered your own question.

I am both a Buyer and a Seller.

I won’t touch $5 Gigs because I consider them “cheap” and “unprofessional” in quality.

That has been proven to me on a few occasions.

As a Seller, I started with $5 Gigs to get my feet wet.

Once I built a stable of regular Buyers, I started raising my rates.

That was pre-COVID and before millions of other people turned to Fiverr to survive.

Lucky for me, Fiverr provides only a small fraction of my monthly income or I’d be whining on the Forum about “Why My Impressions Down?” and “How To Get A Job Quick.”

When you consider that Fiverr gets 20% of your purchase/selling price, a $5 Gig now becomes a $4 Gig.

Then you have to ask yourself, is what I’m doing worth just $4?


@marinapomorac already mentioned that it depends on service. If I maintain a good quality of work then I charge more not $5.

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So - no matter how I think, 5 (well, 4) bucks in my country is still a decent hourly wage - which is why I’m still confused sometimes to this day about pricing (although I’ve increased my prices it’s because I am learning how to do research and understand what my writing is actually worth. It gets tough sometimes).
I’ve had my luck with a 5 buck portrait gig once, but the rest I’ve seen as a buyer - yeah. I’d rather not. Also because if it is as good as advertised (some people seem to have mad skills) I still think it’s unfair. So it’s either fake or sad, I guess.

I agree, as long as the service does not require much effort from seller. But ofen it’s a hardworking job and many sellers are willing to do it for $5 anyway.

You are lucky, were there many orders of that kind?

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That’s exactly what I’m talking about :slightly_smiling_face:, sellers are ready to do the hard work for $5.

Exactly! And there are lots of BR for $5

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You are right :slightly_smiling_face:, honestly, I’m a bit tired of the monotony on the forum, where every other person asks the same question billion times how to find a buyer quickly and for that reason I decided to create another topic for a change :slightly_smiling_face:.

And yes, I fully forgot about the local tax of 20%, now I have to rename the topic title :smile:.


That what I’m talking about! :+1:

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You said the most appropriate word for this case - it’s unfair and it’s pity that many skilled sellers are forced to work for $4.

No. If you’re serious about what you’re doing, you already know that a 5$ gig won’t be nearly as good as a 50$ one, and if you’re not serious about what you’re doing then I don’t think anyone serious would want to work with you anyways.

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That’s what I think too.

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What I always think with exchange rates is that if the universal price for a service is $100
(as in if you went and purchased a good example it would cost this)
Why oh why would people from a “poor” country sell the exact same thing for $5?

It is not sane to do.
You would sell for $100 and be delighted that you made great money.

Selling a $100 thing for $5 simply says that you know you are selling garbage and hope the buyer doesn’t care enough to care.

Where is the wisdom or honor in that?

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Exactly, I always think that seller will put more effort into a more expensive project than in a cheaper one


I think that a concept product, as example an unfinished music track, could value $5, if it’s used as starting point for a more complex product the buyer is planning to create. About complete works, my fares are a lot higher and it’s reasonable of course. So it’s important to divide between concept products or ideas, and complete products.

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