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Is it real $5 for high quality service?

Also some people don’t have orders yet so they will be trying to sell you a steal of a deal so you leave a 5 star review and they make more money because they are higher rated thus receive more orders.

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People doing this generally come from poor countries where 5€ represents a good amount for them since money value isn’t the same everywhere.
In my case I come from france, so doing something for 5€ is almost like doing things for free…
But when I started on fiverr, I made my 10 first orders for 5€ to get reviews, I had no choice if I wanted to grow up my stats, now I make around 90/120€ a day.


@psykkopatte As I said above that still doesn’t make rational sense as if your thing is worth $100 in “universal” terms why sell for $5 just because you live in a poor country?

It is completely irrational if your thing is worth $100 to sell it for any less than $100. A (sane) buyer cares not where you live, who you sleep with, after praying to which god. They only care if the thing is good for their needs (which includes price).

It really worries me that when people say: Oh I will sell for $5 (with the justification $5 is plenty for them) as they are either saying a) they are not at universal level (which is ok), b) selling garbage (which is never ok), c) or have serious self-doubts (which I understand). Once a person can be honest about which it is, they can do something about it.

I can say that as I am getting more direct about my prices and what I do (and do not) do, orders and quality of customers is increasing - fast.


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I never said it was wrong and bad to sell things for 5€ and never said they have bad skills.

I think that it really depends. Some services can be done for that rate. Some are trying to get their first clients and may increase their prices down the road. Definitely check out the sellers profile to see their bio, examples of work and ratings to get a sense of their work! There are some things that I offer for $5 and I’ve also bought some services for $5 and was happy!

But here is the thing - how do I KNOW that my thing is worth 100 bucks? Sure, most people do market research before starting on here - but wouldn’t it seem like way too much to them? I could rent a room for that much in my town - so if I hadn’t spent time abroad I wouldn’t know that in most places it’s not even that much. When you don’t have that perspective and you’re desperate for a quick sale (because you do need money, just not that much) you can easily fall down the rabbithole of underpricing yourself. Obviously, there’s a huge risk of not being taken seriously, but that’s another story (to some people it can be a ‘good’ thing, in my book’.)

And THEN, of course you have all the people selling copypaste logos + texts + videos + whatevers, hoping that the low price will allow them to slip by because ‘ah yea, it was only 5 bucks’. It works for them, I guess. (I don’t agree with it, and I stand by originality especially when it involves art but not everyone shares the same values.) I totally understand your point and in an ideal world I’d agree - just dropping in my two cents as someone from a relatively ‘poor’ (although now also very expensive) country.

Just by my personal observations in the voice over category, there’s a multitude of pricing strategies utilized. Of the over 2000 top rated and level 2 sellers, almost 700 offer a $5 service of varying word length, which comes to nearly a third of sellers. I wouldn’t call a third of all the top rated and level 2 sellers as peddlers of garbage or unprofessional as some in this thread have echoed.

I started off selling 300 word voice overs for $5. Was I garbage when I started? I personally don’t think so, but was I purposefully undervaluing my service in order to get my foot in the door? Absolutely. I now sell 100 words for $5. Am I three times the better voice actor as when I started? I don’t think to such a degree, but I’ve definitely become far more familiarized in techniques and processes and have invested thousands in better equipment since then.

Why do I still sell my gig at $5? It’s because I can produce a sub-100 word simple script voice over in not too much time without too much headache. I mainly focus on trying not to scare away buyers with larger scripts, which is where I make the majority of my earnings.

Blanket statements are just that, blankets to cover over any nuance or detail that is pertinent to a discussion.

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Fiverr rather has this hangover thing that things are all for a fiver, and many Gigs work to appear to be $5 with cut-down versions of the full thing to get eyes-on. Not wrong as such in all cases but it still really gives the impression that the whole thing is $5 or a few dollars more for “extras”.

In many situations though by the time you realize that in your case it will cost a lot more, more perhaps than someone who quoted the full dice box up-front the damage is done.

There is no part of any song I can mix for $5. That is like saying I will paint the Titanic for $5 but in the fine print it says “only the movie poster (if you supply a jpg)”. The whole thing with Mixing a Song properly is that it is about the whole. Sending one minute as a test proves nothing (except maybe the person is a hack).

As sellers, we need to move from the fear mindset that it is about lowest price. In music terms, if it was about the price the bargain bin Engelbert Humperdink & Jim Neighbors sing Xmas Carols would be #1. But they aren’t.


That’s all well and good if applicable to your individual category and services, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a good fit for other services in other categories.

If I go by the adjectives used to describe $5 gig sellers used just in this thread alone, they would be: cheap, unprofessional, garbage, “not serious” “have self doubts”, or are “fearful”.

I haven’t said one cross word about those who price their services higher, but I guess the other way around is just par for the course.

You people forget that the word “you” can mean you specifically, or you generally as in the older (and generally derided therefore hard to use) “one”. e.g.

One could choose to take it personally and get upset or one could realize that maybe one was being asked to consider the big picture to guide one’s actions.

The world has become more pedantic & prickly in the last 10 or so years. And I say that as someone on the Autism Spectrum - people know for a tendency to pedantry.

Now, if you still think I am attacking you personally, I am not. Therefore any comment that may have strayed in your direction was intended in the general. Even though you read it is personal.

As for different services behaving radically differently, there I will take your argument on directly (but not you personally): while the decision made when purchasing a $1.99 tub of margarine may appear different from those of purchasing a $19,990 car, or a $999,900 McMansion, the fundamentals are still the same. People may prevaricate more over the car, but is it is still a case of need, resources, and getting it done.

Industries build up around using (and abusing) the perceived differences but there is only one core human nature so if we (generally) were to focus on the commonality more than the differences, we would all find this much easier.


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i was not singling you out Benedictrm, but was rather addressing the language used to describe $5 gigs/gig sellers as a whole over this thread.

If I called any seller who charges over $20 for their basic service a condescending elitist bloviator, I would rightfully expect to have my assertion challenged! It’s just a bit frustrating that it seems far more accepting in the forum to denigrate sellers who sell at a lower price point, but I understand that that bias is established because their are so many woefully poor quality sellers who also occupy that price point.

A little bit of discretion to not lump all low price sellers together would be appreciated.

I get your frustration @enunciator but I (and I think others) am never speaking so much about people who happen to have a gig starting at $5 (as I do myself) but really sell serious-quality work at sane prices - as I am about those abominable sellers who knowingly sell garbage at $5 and pollute not only their futures but that of everyone else here seller & buyer alike. Worse, they fight to keep it that way.

I think you are putting yourself somewhere you don’t want to be then being upset for being there (unless of course you know that you could/should do better work - but that is between you and your x-box controller).

Better surely that people who do good work be united in “cleaning house” than quibbling over pedantics & semantics.


I was addressing assumptions made from gig prices. From your comment, it seems I am placing myself in an untenable position and not putting out quality work? And sorry, the last gaming console I had was when I was nine years old.

I don’t know if it is your intent to slight me, but this wouldn’t be the first time.

I am trying to back away from this and you are just chasing me harder and harder - putting words I didn’t ever say in my mouth over and over. I am gonna have to ask you to back that truck right on up there.

I am sorry if you don’t like me or have a stink on for me. I really am. I have not tried to create that situation ever with you.

Let’s leave this alone please.


This has been derailed for long enough. I’ll leave it as this.

Are there c****y $5 gigs? Absolutely. Are there excellent $5 gigs? Absolutely. Price does not dictate quality of outcome, but does weigh on expectations.

  • Because price is subjective and personal (not universal).
  • Because money is volatile and not an exact measurement of value.
  • Because the only goal of a transaction is to be beneficial for both parties involved.

For someone who makes $100 per day, $5 may not mean much. For the kid that just made their first $10, it may amount to the universe. For one person, $5 may not be enough to buy coffee. For another, $5 may represent the cost of the medicine they need to survive.

Think about it.

Here is an exercise…

If you need a top and you can spare $100…The market has options from $0.49 to $599+. Which one are you going to get?

P.S. If you have problems justifying your prices because someone from a poor country is undercutting them, imagine the pain of those who get undercut by people from richer countries. Duh. :woman_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

P.P.S. The exchange rate is not the exact measurement of whether an economy is rich or poor.

I see your logic but my point is otherwise:

If there is a band, lets call em Beatallica. Beatallica pay the going rate for a band who are approaching their first release on a minor label but with distribution through a major. In other words, if this record is good, it will probably get on specialist & college radio stations. They can afford a Mix Engineer who can deliver to that level. That is commonly $5,000 per song.

At that point we have a universal price, as in any act at that level looking to get those sorts of results will need to pay that amount to get the right outcomes. Sure they’d like to pay $1 for Sylene Dyonne’s engineer who is all over the top 10 with her song “Endless Titanica” but that is drunk thinking. So they don’t bitch and look to see who is available, matches the needs of the songs, and pay the going rate.

Beatallica’s first record does pretty well and they are able to take a tip at a second record. They even have a song called “I’m A Legless Soldier” that might get into the Top 40. For that song they decide it is worth investing in a Mix Engineer with experience in the Top 40 so they approach Bob Hock who has had hits with Jon Bovi. Bob’s level of mixing costs $10,000 per song but he likes Beatallica’s song and takes a punt with them for $7,500 which is the going rate for low Top 40 work. The band can’t afford a whole record at that but they use the last guy for most of the songs and Bob for the (hopefully) big single.

It works and with the third record it looks like they might be able to crack the Top 10 so they do the whole new record (called "Invisible Snake) with Bob Hock at his industry rate of $10,000 per song (as $5 per song won’t get them where they want to go) and become a household name with “Enter Submarine”.

Meanwhile there is a bloke with (plastic) gold teeth who is trying to pay $15 to someone with no success and no showreel, to “guarantee” a Grammy winning #1 Hit - how do you think he will go? (remember it takes $5,000 mixes just to get near radio).

This is universal price. the price you need to pay to get that level of thing - whether that is a mix, t-shirt, Ferrari, It applies equally regardless of currency, location, wealth of buyer…


Your point is that $5 for the first mixer is of the same value as $5 for the Top 40 mixer?

…and you are telling me that those Top 40 mixers are the only people who will ever mix the Top 40 songs? No one will ever rise or surpass their level of expertise and creativity?

If the bloke with golden teeth wants people to buy into his no-name music, it’s only logical that he hires a no-name mixer who will do it at his desired price. If they both have the talent, they will rise to the Top 10… and then, the bloke will be able to pay $50K and the mixer to charge the same.

There is no guarantee that once-a-$5-seller will not rise to become a $50K one. It was a mistake on Fiverr’s part to offer helicopter entry to Pro sellers.

And, nope.

The cost of a mix, a t-shirt, or a ferrari is NOT the same for everyone. If you are famous enough, you can get one for free. If you have the right contacts, you can get it at a reduced price. And if you are smart enough, you can strike a deal with an owner.

There is no universal price.

So many self-serving and offensively dismissive arguments. Like all the straw reasons I just had to listen to in the drive home from school as to why my 14yo spending $1,000 she doesn’t have on a new iPhone something or other is a best, wisest idea eva. Even wiser, she spent $25 on a cover for this phone she doesn’t even own! All while she has a Samsung Galaxy S8.

I have done plenty of free mixes. A person does not need to be famous to get one. They just need to be smart, enterprising (as opposed to smartarse, grasping). I covered that above even.

I don’t think you want to see my point so I will leave it.


For my opinion, here is many $5 sellers, which provides high quality as $100 sellers, I think its because, seller needs reviews, then when he/she reach level one her/his selling price will be high.