Is it realistic to get 100% response rate for Feb 15?


My response rate is currently 75%, and I receive on average only 1 message a day. Would it be possible to get it back to 100% if I respond to every message on time for the next evaluation?
I don’t want to be demoted!



Hey Olivia, I’m not sure about 100% response rate ( maybe you have some undersponded messages in the last 60 days) but 99% is totally possible.

P.S. You need to have at least 90% response if you don’t want to be demoted.


Ah cheers, thank you! I thought it was 100%, but 90% is less daunting.

Does the response rate only factor in your replies to new messages or replies to ongoing conversations? When the conversation concludes with the buyer saying something like “Thank you, bye” I dont see the need to respond.


No, It only measures your respond time to first message.

You can read more about response time & rate here:

You are welcome. :slight_smile:


My response rate is low. Im really worried.


agree with you 99% is possible