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Is it really necesary for a good start?

I guess everything takes a bit of time and we just need to wait for the right person to find our gig.


Have you tried selling your digital art on Etsy? You can sell the same art multiple times.


Im no artist but your art looks really good. Im actually frustrated too because the only 2 orders that I had got cancelled as I’ve encountered “hell clients”, and there’s no way that this orders would work. It’s frustrating because I worked around 20-30h on each one and they both was $5 …

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My starting strategy from years to years is just to be myself, because the more I followed what people reccomended, suggested or saying the more I can’t do anything, maybe $5 gig with high quality result works for them but not for me but of course I also offering $5 gig but only if the service’s worthy for $5.


ahh yes, about etsy, I watched the videos on youtube and also read the comment, mostly can’t pay the monthly subcription, maybe, please share to us if you know the alternative place to sell the digital file.


I started out a $5, but I think the quality of my work wasn’t as great when I first started. After I got a few reviews I kept my base price at $5 but it included a lot less… then a lot less… then I raised my minimum time $10. I’m comfortably at $15 now, but my average selling price is around $35, so I’m happy with that. Selling for $5 allowed me to get enough traffic to get to where I am now. Just another point of view :slight_smile:


Do you remember how long it took before your first Gig got an order? I’m just trying to think of a date when I should start changing something in my gigs because they don’t sell.

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I think I had my first order within about a month. It was a lot of work for little pay, and I believe I was taken advantage of by the buyer, but getting that first rating was invaluable to me.

I was living with my in-laws at the time though and wasn’t desperate for income, so it’s all relative.


@jonbaas Great advice! I am from South Africa, and Fiverr is relatively unknown here.

When I tell people about what I do, they think it is a ‘get rich quick’ scheme!

I’ve had loads of people asking me for advice because they want to quit their job and also do what I do.

My answer is essentially what you are saying here: It is not easy! It is not quick!

Being a freelancer is like having your own business and building your brand. If you are not willing to start at the bottom and work hard, you may as well not do it. You won’t be successful.


I am very positively how active this community is, over one night/day this post managed to get over 100 views, thank you everyone for reading this post and sharing your opinion/experience with everyone else.

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The monthly subscription is $10, and it’s optional. It’s only for those who opt for the Etsy Plus plan.

There seem to be some if you type “Etsy alternative for digital downloads” into Google, but I haven’t explored them.


Wow there is some really valuable information here. Thank you all for joining our conversation. I will definitely take your opinions and feedback into consideration when i make my next gigs on fiverr. Have a nice day people!
PS: catwriter thanks for the Etsy hint. I am bookmarking it right now. And ty michal for the positive feedback on my art :slight_smile: