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Is it REALLY that difficult to give all of the information the seller needs?

Evidentally; yes.

Two issues this week (woo!)

First customer. Conversation went like this:

  1. Can you deliver 5,000 words of content? If so, send a custom offer.
  2. I send a custom offer.
  3. Customer places order.
  4. Can I have 10,000 words instead?
  5. Sure. (I presume he is going to pay for the 10,000 words…)
  6. Turns out he wanted 10,000 words for the price of 5,000. I complete the first 5,000 and send the offer for the final 5,000 as it has not come through. Turns out…nope. This is a disappointing service and he will NEVER order again because he thought he was getting the gig for 50% off.

Second customer (this title relates to this one)

  1. Can you write me content?
  2. Yes.
  3. Orders BUT conveniently forgets to add 1,000 words.
  4. Ryan, for the next 5 days, asks him to send me the final 1,000 words. He refuses.
  5. Today. He asks for the final 1,000 words. He wants within 15 minutes.
  6. I said no. (it is 5:30am here…)
  7. Says I am scamming him and this is a small trick that I used to artificially extend deadlines. NO. I JUST WANT THE DAMN FINAL 1,000 WORDS so I can deliver.
  8. For some reason, the gig went ‘Very Late’ over 5 hours early. He canceled for late delivery.

Now, why didn’t I deliver the completed 4,000 words to that second client? Well, last time he tried to pull the same trick (yeah. I know. I know) and canceled after I partially delivered the content. He used ALL of the content on his website without paying a penny for it. He only ended up paying for the content after about a week of messages and a takedown notice sent to his web host.

Gah. I am so bloody pissed off.

Note: the first person I am doubly irritated with. Mainly because since he was not getting the 10,000 words for the price of 5,000, he wanted to ‘change’ his order to something else. Customer support said I had to because based on this remark:

“OK. Order away”

That was an acceptance that I would offer 10,000 words for the price of 5,000. Yep, those 3 words. Not:

“OK. Order away. because I am in a really nice mood and saw some really beautiful girl earlier, I am going to give you 50% off. Don’t tell anybody, though. Shh. I really want to earn just $2.00 an hour for you, babycakes”


“OK. Order away” because I genuinely believed he would not think he was getting 50% off. WHY WOULD I DO THAT?

Note: these are on gigs where I now charge more for my services, but the first 2 orders I received have, essentially, put it at 0% negative feedback after two deliveries, so i deleted it. The other gig I had ordered on my higher price resulted in 3 account warnings on the SAME order:

Account warning one: not delivering an article (I forgot to attach it). I delivered within 10-15 minutes of realising there was a problem.

Account warning two: in lieu of negative feedback, they gave me an account warning. Don’t worry, though, it is fine. They told me it is BETTER than negative feedback.

Account warning three: no idea. They said they won’t discuss it.

All were tied to the same order, all down to a simple mistake which was corrected in less than 15 minutes (and the customer still leaves with a free article. Nifty, right?).

Of course it is because that would be far too logical for them to do! :stuck_out_tongue: