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Is it right to write a sample for a buyer?

Hello friends. I sent an offer to a certain buyer request who wanted some business articles done for him. He then contacted me and said he was going to give me some work to write as sample before am hired. It was around 4000 words, I declined as that did not sound realistic. Has anyone been in such position before?


Geez, a 4000 word “sample”?! That’s incredibly flagrant.

Good move on turning down such a ridiculous request. The person who contacted you honestly doesn’t seem to be a buyer, but a predatory scammer wanting desperate sellers to basically complete their task for free while claiming it is simply a “sample.” Unfortunatley, Buyer Requests is full of such individuals.

No money, no work is the most simple and safe policy for sellers to practice.


Nope. No no no. You do not need the kind of client that wants you to write a short ebook for free to “test your skills” - although honestly, I’d be shocked if you ever heard from him again after you sent over your “sample.”

@daviesotero - speaking as a friendly peer, here: you need to go through your gigs and take out any mention of “assignments” or anything academic - that’s against the TOS and it’ll get your account banned. You talk a great deal in your gigs about how you’re an accomplished writer, or knowledgeable about some pretty in-depth subjects, but you have absolutely no evidence backing that up - just some very generic stock photo pictures and some poorly-formatted gig texts with typos and errors.

If you actually are an undefeated trial lawyer in your native Kenya, as you claim to be several times in your gigs, you should be able to furnish some certification or mention of when and which school you graduated from, shouldn’t you? In America, law content is taken very seriously and we have very specific things we can and cannot say when we’re writing for law offices. If you’re hoping to get work by embellishing or outright lying about your work history and career, particularly in legal writing, I’d definitely tell you to avoid that. That will get you into a lot of trouble.


No, never work for free, it’s usually people who want to get work for free.
Never start doing something until buyer hasn’t started order process.

I sometimes got people who wanted a “video sample” to see if I am “able” to do what they are looking for, I always refuse.


A 4,000 word sample sounds more like a job to me.

I NEVER give samples.

It’s a good way for “sneaky” Buyers to get work for free.

Don’t fall for it.


That’s not a sample. That’s an ebook.

Never give work away for free. If the buyer wants a sample, they pay it.

The fact they asked for a free sample would lead me to block them.


Thank you so much for the response. At least I declined.

Thank you so much for your help. I am a new seller and I really needed this. I will rectify my mistakes and the errors. Thank you

Thank you all for your help. You are great people .


No, No. No.

And in case you are not clear, Not at all.

Assuming you have a Portfolio of your work that the “buyer” and I use the word very loosely here can see, asking for FREE WORK under any guise is unconscionable, immoral, and therefore un-professional. Especially when they say they require such a large slab of work to assess your apparent ability to string a sentence.

I think they deserve a whole other kind of Sentence instead


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If you are from Kenya, I would imagine your profile photo of a 30 something Asian woman is not you - so, I would question your profile and what is true vs what you made up to look competent.

There is no need to lie or try to put on a facade. Buyers will see right through that and may even cancel orders when you cannot deliver the stuff you mention in your profile as far as your experience. I would wonder why an “undefeated trial lawyer” needs to be on Fiverr selling cheap services?

Either way, YES, you did good to deny a 4000 word sample. They wanted you to write the piece they needed for free. NEVER do any work here without an order placed.



If @genuineguidance is right (and she usually is) then I must say that if you put out weakness, you will attract the weak. Particularly the kind of weak people who pretend to be strong by waving their machetes around as they demand your grain become theirs, your time become theirs.

Dishonesty from you brings you dishonest people. Please solve that, not only for yourself but for the whole community as this brings us all down.



You did the right thing and not to fall for a scam. Never send a sample with all the work done. Some people try their best to be sneaky. Glad you didn’t fall for it.

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@anthony91765 Did you not notice that on closer inspection, the OP actually seems to be rather sneaky themselves with apparent indications of doing academic work and using a photo not like to be who they really are.

While the OP points to a problem, this new info points to a larger problem Sneakiness begets sneakiness. The one cannot be solved without solving the other - that encourages such behavior.



People sometimes use a VPN to hide their location

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“She” said she is originally from Kenya. I really have my doubts that there are a ton of “native Asian looking” people from Kenya. I could be wrong, but the photo looks pretty “stock like” to me. That and the “undefeated trial lawyer” bit sounds really suspect as well. I know if I were the likes of “Johnnie Cochran” (OJ’s defense lawyer), I would not be on Fiverr selling inexpensive services. I would still be making huge bucks as a trial lawyer.



The gentleman on the picture is a University of San Diego School of Law alumni, and the OP does not list that in their “Education” section. So, it is definitely not the OP: Maybe the lawyer who got his likeness stolen should sue the OP.

Nevertheless, it is against the Terms of Service to misrepresent yourself, so I suggest you try to be an honest person instead.


Oh, wait! NO. This NEW pic is NOT what was on their original profile here in the forums. It was a stock photo looking thing of an Asian woman. This new one looks like a judge sitting behind the bench! Maybe they have made the leap from “undefeated trial lawyer” aka Johnnie Cochran back from the dead OR they got a promotion to judge!

Also, it seems you are referring to the pic as a “gentleman” when, at least, to me, it appears to be a middle aged (over 50) looking white or blond haired woman? The plot thickens!!!



Oh, I was referring to one of the gig images. But, yes, the one with the judge is definitely stolen as well!


Maybe there is a dissociative or multiple personality thing going on here? Or, perhaps they employ many “undefeated trial lawyers” to work under them.

What type of Gigs is this person selling anyways?

I notice when these people get called out for being frauds, they never revisit the thread.