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Is it risky to edit my gig?

Hey peeps!
I did some search on this question but either I’m too blind, (which is probably a case, haha), or I’m not so blind. Kek.

Anyway! To keep it short, I am inclined to edit my current gig:

  • Description.
  • Price & amount of images I can produce.
  • Main image of the gig.

If I do, will it reset my gig’s rating/client reviews? Will it affect the attached images of example works that client decided to share with their review?

Reason why I’d like to do so: I want to decrease the amount of images I do from 1, 5, 10 to 1, 3, 6. This is mainly to decrease the load on myself due to IRL reasons. My main gig image also states that I’ll draw 1, 5, 10 emotes so that picture has to be changed.

And finally, I’ve made plenty of emotes and would want to update my 3 images with new emotes I did.

So all in all, update my gig to make it less scaled, look more appealing.

Thank you very much for your replies and am terribly sorry if this was already discussed elsewhere.


if your gig is already ranked and getting orders then it may be risky for you. If it not ranked then it’ll be safe

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