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Is it rude not to give my buyer a rating?

So I have been into many clients and as i always notice when going to the buyers profile I don’t see any review to their profile. Now I ask then what is the purpose of giving a buyers rating if you cant even see it in their profile? And would it be rude not to give buyers a rating?

Rude? No, I don’t think so.
Should you? Yes, I think so :slight_smile:

I’m also a buyer and usually when I look at reviews I also look at responses from sellers. I want to see how sellers communicate with their buyers.


I kinda get where you’re coming, its just I think more rude to rate the buyer a 5 star then copy paste a compliment which has no feeling into his comment.

If you see duplicate responses from the seller, then it also says something about them :slight_smile:
It could be that they are constantly busy and don’t have the time to write a custom response. It could also be that they don’t care enough.

I wouldn’t say it’s a deal breaker, but I definitely see it as a plus if a seller takes the time to write a custom response. Even if it’s just one sentence.


Just saying ‘thank you’ to your buyer for using your services, even if you use the same phrase repeatedly (how many ways can you find to say thank you?) at least acknowledges the fact you’ve appreciated them as a buyer, and that they’ve taken the time to leave you a feedback.

Not rude, quite the reverse! :sunny:


I have a client like that so I experienced that first hand so I just put a small phrase just like what they did cause I know they don’t care that much about their rating. But there are buyers that take time to tell their experience with the seller. But I get what you’re saying now. Thanks for the Idea of how the buyer feel about how they see things. Thats a great help :smiley:

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No, It’s not rude but it’s better to leave your experience (review) with the buyer.