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Is it safe to allow someone else to manage your account?


I see there are quite few sellers offering to manage accounts such as FB, Twitter, etc. My question is this:

Is it safe to give an unknown third party, such as a seller on fiverr, your log-n details in order that they can manage your account? Surely you’re leaving yourself open to your details being stolen and other similar types of activity. Has anyone had any relevant experience on fiverr regarding this. I’d be really interested to hear your story/opinion.


I would suggest never giving login details to your account to anyone.
Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, many bigger hosting companies and probably other sites allow you to add people to your account.
Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts can have multiple admins with different levels of control.
Hosting companies have similar and the added bonus of added admins not being able to see/control payment info.

If you give login details it is possible for the person to change your “Recovery Email” etc and so they could make things very difficult for you. If you are unsure how to do it, simply search “add someone to my (website name) account” and follow the instructions.

Also, anyone who offers services like this should know about these methods and not ask for your login details. Personally, I would be suspicious of any who do ask for those details if a safe alternative is available.

Some of the Content Management Systems/Website builders do not have this option so be careful when choosing one to use.


Thanks Eoin.
I’ll look into this.