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Is it safe to download those files from my DM box?

I really don’t want to click on this, what does forum think about it ?
The anti virus thing doesn’t appear, there is a message sometimes when we download files, I don’t know.

Maybe, something like…

I’m sorry I don’t seem to be able to download these. Would it be possible to upload on YouTube or Vimeo and send a direct link?

If they can’t take the pains to do that, which is pretty logical if they plan to ask other sellers, they aren’t worth it. Others may disagree. An antivirus program might help too. But I won’t recommend denying gut feelings.

Best wishes.

I have anti crypto + anti virus but I don’t know how effective it is, so to be sure to avoid problems I replied I won’t download those files but I was just wondering how was working fiverr chat anti virus because sometimes I remembered to see a message saying that we are protected and then when I tried to download those files, no message appeared so I instantly canceled.
So in the doubt I asked for youtube links.

That seems to be based more on others flagging a message. Even if there’s an antivirus and phishing check baked within, it isn’t reliable at best.

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Well, I guess those zip files have no videos in them. The zip size is too small, should be some random files.

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I can’t understand you properly. Explain it well. You have to make your buyer work as you like.

Read again the topic

Same weight for 2 different files, aight, it sounds like something unlegit to me :wink: