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Is it safe to give SSN on Fiverr?

is it safe to give SSN on Fiverr?


Are you talking about giving it to a buyer or Fiverr for tax purposes?

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Thank you for the reply. It is for the tax purposes since I am a seller.

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Then according to US law, you must pay taxes on what you earn and Fiverr must provide a W-9 form to the US government.

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If you’re asking about giving your SSN to fiverr, that’s pretty standard and nothing to worry about since they need to give you tax documents every year.

Never give your SSN to a buyer. There’s never a reason they will need it on fiverr. If a buyer is asking you for your SSN, it’s a scam.

We’re a business and when we do business with clients outside of fiverr, we never need to give them our EIN or SSN. So even outside of fiverr, giving someone your personal info like that is not necessary and probably dangerous.


@dnj_media is correct: Please do not ever give your SSN to anyone on Fiverr. We will never ask for your SSN via message.

If you are defined as a “US Person” you will be required to submit information for W-9 verification. More on that in this thread:


Thanks for the clarification.

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Thank you for the clarification.

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Thank you for kind information

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So what is the chance of somebody hacking into there and stealing it?