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Is it safe to have same payoneer account connected to all Freelancing accounts?

Hi, I Just want to ask that… Let’s suppose I’ve same payoneer account connected to up-work,fiverr,freelancer,etc,etc… is it any chances of Ban of accounts ?

As long as you are not operating multiple accounts on different platforms, its fine.

I get paid via Payoneer on two different freelance platforms (one being Fiverr) and I get my Amazon KDP royalties paid to Payoneer.

Payoneer promotes itself as an easy way for freelancers to get paid. In this case, it is perfectly fine for you to get paid from multiple sources. I’m pretty sure you can also get paid from AirBnB via Payoneer. The main thing is to not in any way act fraudulently by having multiple accounts on different platforms.


Oh okay, now I get it. Thanks alot :slight_smile: