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Is it safe to share Gigs on social media?

I decided to share my gigs on social medias. but there is a doubt in my mind that I know there are some jealousy people in the world. so I think that they can report our gigs without any reasons. then, will fiverr team ban my gigs or account? Can I share my gigs on social medias without such a problem? is it safe?


It depends. If you spam other social media users (for example, post a link to your gig as a reply to some tweets that are not asking you for your gig link), your posts can be reported as spam, and you could get in trouble with those social media sites.

Also, if you spam other Fiverr users on social media with your gig links, those users might decide to report you to Fiverr. Not because they’re jealous, but because you’re spamming them.

If your gigs get reported without a reason, nothing will happen. Fiverr will only remove your gigs if they break the rules.


Wait a second.
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This looks suspicious. Why you and other guy have absolutely the same topics?


@ogulcankaya This is spam and will get you into trouble with the moderators.

Stop asking people to like your gigs.


Well Thanks I’ll Be Careful Next Time


thanks for your reply.

it is not more than 30 minutes that I posted this post. It has already been copied and reposted. I can’t understand why people do this kind of thing. :frowning_face:


mariashtelle1 thanks for your reply. now I know that there are some content thieves on this platform too.

Some YouTube Fiverr guru told them that posting on the forum will bring them sales, and they have nothing to say, so…


thanks for your reply

Just go and flag it as inappropriate. Copying posts is against the forum rules.

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Just remember that Fiverr’s own terms of service basically state if you break a third party’s terms of service, then you by default break Fiverr’s TOS. Sorry, that’s rubbish English - but I’m tired.

If sharing your gigs on social media is classed as spam (it depends how you do this), then you will automatically be breaching your agreement with Fiverr.

Really, the risk vs reward is not worth it. Generally speaking, spamming social media with details of an exciting background removal gig or logo design gig is not worth it.


Or simply read the terms of service and the community standards.

You know, the very same TOS and guidelines you agreed you read and would abide by when signing up to Fiverr.

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If you keep waiting you will have no orders.

Creating a gig doesn’t mean you will sell anything. If you want to sell, start promoting your services. Simple like this, simple like in any other place in the world.

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Where Can I Promote It Can You Help?

@ogulcankaya If you want help you need to create your own new topic.


Okay! Thank You :+1:


Thanks @effects26, for presenting such an important question & I agree with @catwriter @lloydsolutions

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