Is it safe to suspend a GIG for almost a MOnth?


I am not going to be here a month i am thinking of suspending the gigs for a month. IS IT SAFE?


Of course :slight_smile:


The only thing that would happen is that your gig isn’t searchable and no one will order from it (unless they have it bookmarked or another “in”, according to another thread, but don’t take my exact word on it). But if you’re going to be away and unavailable for a month, then that’s probably what you want. When you get back though, you might find that your gig isn’t as popular as it might be today (as if you’re starting over again), but I think if you have a good gig, that’s not going to prevent you from earning from it again in good time.


Reply to @marsch001: thanks


You loose any fiverr SE ‘ranking’ that you had and also your “express” status if

they are express gigs.

A better choice would be to change your gigs and make the delivery really long and try to login at least every 7-10 days and keep up with it.



You will loose your Fiverr Ranking!


Reply to @seohut: so what do you propose the alternative?