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Is it slow for everyone?

I had the best two months of the year in June and July, now from those two months my sales are down about 60%, this month might be my worst month in about 3 years now the site.

I’m just trying to judge if it’s me, or if it’s the current pandemic coupled with the just the uncertainty with everything going on.

The thing that hits really hard is I don’t even get messages any longer, before I would get 10-20 messages a day, now I haven’t gotten one new message from a client in 4 days.

I’m just really wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? I’m a top rated seller and normally i’m in the top of my categories so it’s all very strange to me.

Well hope you are are doing well and staying safe, any insight would be awesome.

Rob W.


I have the same problem. I had great sales this year (excluding May) but this month is too slooow. Just a few orders from repeat buyers, no any new clients. So you are not alone


Yeah it’s really strange. Thankfully I just got my first message in 4 days from a new client, so it’s something.

I just wonder if it just has to do with stuff going on in America now the election and covid, just so much is up in the air, people get uneasy with that.

i guess we will see. I hope your sales get better though also!

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Back in the early summer I had the best month ever in seven years on Fiverr.

However, September was terrible, and October is on course to be my worst month ever.

I have never put all my eggs in one basket, but the volatility seen on Fiverr in recent times makes it unrealistic to ever consider doing so.

I think its just COVID Really. Hitting the economy hard, a lot of people are struggeling. Specially in places like the UK and US

same with me
best months : may, june and july
after that it’s been very difficult
gig went down in search
august i was getting few new chats but October has been the worst so far
i’m not even able to generate 50% of the revenue that i used to generate

Well all my eggs have been in the fiverr basket for about 4 years now, I feed my family with what I make on here so it’s important.

I have savings though so I should be good for awhile, but I just wasn’t sure if it was me or if it’s the site in general.

It’s very common to have slump in sales and even messages. May be this happen to you first time.
It’s been discussed numerous time on the forum.

Now its better time to plan to buy couple of new baskets.

Yes I feel the same issues here.
I’m starting to think maybe it’s a bug
impressions cut down more than 95% this last month
yesterday was the worst 0 impressions in all of my gigs
I just paused half of my gigs
tried editing this month ,lowering prices, making new gigs and about everything I can try
just make it worse … thinking i’m going crazy…
Honestly I logged into the forum just to see if someone is facing the same issues as me and yes lots of people are in the same situation like us right now… :roll_eyes: :unamused: :frowning_face:
Ahhhhh…the riddle of fiverr

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Yeah, it’s hard to put my finger on, I did see something that was sorta telling though, on the buyer requests page normally there is a ton of stuff there, but it’s very sporadic also only a few requests per day in the book category normally there are tons everyday new that come it, looks like maybe 2 or 3 new per day are coming in.

I honestly think it’s just extremely slow, with COVID, I think we all got super busy in June/July because of the stimulus checks, otherwise Fiverr isn’t really a necessity for people right now, especially in my category which is mostly books.

I’m really glad I have money put away… :confused:

Nope I’ve never slumped before this much, my sales have been consistent for about 3-4 years now. And sure I have many baskets, it would be dumb not to, but I love Fiverr as I’ve been on this site since it was in beta and everything was five bucks.

I just REALLY wish Fiverr customer support was more transparent with it’s sellers, I don’t understand why everything has to be this big mystery.

Yep last week I got 3 messages from new clients 2 ordered from me, this is down from about 10-20 messages a day and 4-8 new orders per day.