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Is it smart to have too many gigs active when things are not going well?

My question is this. Does it make sense to have too many gigs when things are not going well?

If I was getting tons of orders, I would probably not ask. But when things aren’t going well, I was wondering if it is best to pause some gigs and focus on only a few while trying to figure out what has happen to your dip in orders.

Then again, how many gigs you have active may not be a factor. Any thoughts?


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It’s a real tough decision. Here’s why:

I believe only 1 of your gigs will appear in a specific category at once, so having a few gigs for the same category won’t increase conversions (I don’t know how true this is because I’ve seen otherwise.)

Does having less gigs mean more exposure for the active gigs?

From my personal experience having 1 gig per category active worked best for me.


When I’m buying, it depends on how related the gigs are. I prefer people who specialize in an area.

IF I see someone offering a wide range of gigs, I’m less likely to purchase from them UNLESS they are all related to the same type of service. If they do VO and resume writing, I’m less likely to buy from them compared to VO and Phone messages. (Both similar.)

I also think from a social proof point of view, having at least one very strong gig is helpful. If someone has 1000 reviews on one gig, then adds another, that is fine compared to the person with 100 reviews.

I may not be the typical buyer, so hard to say how many others think like I do.


I don’t know either, but this is a question I’d like to have answered by a Fiverr pro or someone with hard facts. I’m tired of guessing how this platform works :stuck_out_tongue:

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